Change Log

Changes and updates made to Office 365 for IT Pros (2022 edition)

Original release: July 1, 2021, latest update: September 1, 2021

This log describes the changes made to the book since its original release. The document is up to date as of the version released on September 1, 2021. We try and release an updated version monthly, usually on the first of the month unless something like a major conference disrupts our ability to produce an update. 

We have released two updates for the 2022 edition: 1 August, 1 September. We last updated the companion book on 1 July 2021. 

We can only ask Amazon to update monthly and even so, sometimes they do not agree that we make enough changes to justify them sending a notification to customers that they can download the updated file. 

Individual Chapter Changes for Office 365 for IT Pros, 2022 ed. 

Chapter Change 
Introduction August: Included data from Microsoft FY21 Q4 results. September: Rewrote section covering products and licenses. Microsoft will increase prices for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans in March 2022. SLA data available for Q2 2021. 
Embracing the Cloud August: Added scale and endpoint protection points to pro-cloud arguments. 
September: added link to legacy TLS Exchange Online endpoint; various fixes.  
Managing Identity August: Added a section on application permissions, managing consent, and the risks of illicit consent.  
September: Added coverage of new Authenticator app registration “nudge” and direct-enrollment; Miscellaneous fixes and updates. 
Managing Your Tenant  August: Updated timeline for SCC redirect. Added new section on Integrated apps settings page. Updated references to service communications API.  
September: minor text changes and cleanup.  
Managing Users August: Added a couple of new admin roles (Attack Simulator Admin, etc.). Introduced Windows 365 as a new service. 
September: Exchange Online will enable plus addressing as its default mode in January 2022. Updated AAD group licensing section to cover forthcoming end of AAD Premium requirement. Added section on Azure AD role-enabled groups. 
Managing Clients August: Added mention of forthcoming “Teams 2.0” client; cleaned up some references to the various preview channels. 
September: updated death-to-IE11 and death-to-iOS13 comments to reflect current dates Added new section on Edge WebView2 Runtime. Minor text changes and cleanup. 
Managing Exchange Online August: Minor changes and updates. 
September: Minor changes and updates (mostly correction of typos). 
Managing Groups August: Added section about deleting distribution lists. Updated section about Yammer compliance records. 
September: Added example of how to transfer DL membership from one mailbox to another. Added note about updated Group creation setting in the Azure AD admin center. Rewrote introductory section to Azure AD policy for Groups and how to control group creation. 
Managing Mail Flow August: Rewrote sections about anti-phishing and anti-spoofing. Added section about external tagging of email. 
September: New method available to integrate third-party attack simulator tools with Microsoft Defender for Office 365. The release of the first contact safety tip means that it’s no longer necessary to use a transport rule for this purpose. 
Managing SharePoint Online August: From August 13, SharePoint only stores 30 days’ worth of PST versions in a document library. Added section about the tenant domain rename. process and made minor changes. Updated several sections with new information, including the guest expiration sharing policy. 
September: Added section about enabling support for live components within a tenant. Syntex section updated with the new Content center template designed to experiment with the creation, training and management of document understanding models at no cost. 
Teams Architecture and Structure August: Rewrote section about hiding Teams from Exchange Online and added a new script to tidy up visible teams. Users can now choose how to open Office documents. September: Microsoft has released some details about the capabilities enabled by the Teams Advanced Communications add-on. Live captions and transcripts now support more languages than U.S. English. 
Managing Teams August: Minor changes. 
September: Rewrote section covering email support for channels. 
Managing Teams Calling August: Added section covering Call Health during teams calls. Also covered Assign Caller ID for Call Queues. 
PowerShell August: Added several clarifications. Added section about using OData filters with Graph API calls in PowerShell scripts. Added some extra context about using Graph API calls with PowerShell. 
September: Added section about advanced Azure AD queries. Rewrote script to remove service plans (individual features) from a set of Azure AD accounts (note that Microsoft will remove the ability of current cmdlets to interact with user licenses on June 30, 2022). Updates section about tenant controls for item insights (options to access these settings are now in the Microsoft 365 admin center). 
Managing Tasks August: No changes. 
September: noted forthcoming arrival of lightweight Plans. Updated coverage of PowerShell for Planner. Mentioned plan for new To Do backend service. Added instructions on how to remove user data. 
Managing Devices August: Added information about minimum supported operating systems. Reminder to only use modern authentication with email profiles.  
September: Added a section on managed Google Play store and Apple Business Manager for apps. 
Managing Video August: Microsoft has released a preview of the new Stream browser interface.
September: Microsoft is introducing a new auto-expiration setting for Teams meeting recordings stored in ODSP. Stream will start removing automatic transcripts from some older videos in September 2022. 
Managing Data Governance August: Minor changes. 
September: The SharePoint Information barriers compliance assistant is in public preview. Added reference to article explaining how to track updates made to retention policies. Added Microsoft flowchart (Figure 18-2) as a helpful aid to understanding how information governance retention and deletion works. Multiple other changes made throughout the chapter to clarify and improve content. 
Managing eDiscovery August: Note that Advanced eDiscovery actions can sometimes be slow. Very slow. 
Managing Auditing & Reporting August: The Discrimination classifier is in preview for communications compliance policies. Added suggestion for how people can find audit events for actions they wish to investigate. 
Managing DLP August: No changes. 
Managing Apps August: Several small changes made to text throughout the chapter. 
September: Added section about Teams Dataverse. 
Managing Information Protection August: Note that a label applied by a sensitivity label with visual markings will overwrite any existing header or footer present in a document. 
September: Clarified the use of publishing licenses and use licenses when protecting items. The limitation for auto-label policies for sensitivity labels to 10 locations has been removed. A tenant can now use up to 100 auto-label policies.