Office 365 for IT Pros Change Log

Changes and updates made to Office 365 for IT Pros (2023 edition)

Office 365 for IT Pros 2024 edition

This log describes the changes made to the book since its original release. The document is up to date as of the version released on October 1, 2023 (monthly update #100). We release an updated version monthly, usually on the first of the month.

We last updated the companion book on 1 July 2023.

We can only ask Amazon to update monthly and even so, sometimes they do not agree that we make enough changes to justify them sending a notification to customers that they can download the updated file.

Individual Chapter Changes for Office 365 for IT Pros, 2024 ed.

1 (Overview)August 2023 (98): Microsoft announced a name change for Azure AD on July 11. It’s now Microsoft Entra ID, or Entra ID for short. We found 1,218 references to Azure AD in the book and are slowly getting through their replacements, just like Microsoft will do with products and documentation over the next few months. Microsoft 365 Copilot is priced at $30/user/month and can only be used with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, and Business licenses. Added some information from the Microsoft FY23 Q4 results.
October 2023 (100): Updated Microsoft 365 Copilot section with details about general availability and components in the Copilot ecosystem.
2 (Embracing the Cloud)August 2023 (98): Rewrote the section on Microsoft government clouds to clarify the relationship between the various offerings.
September 2023 (99): Minor grammar and error fixes.
October 2023 (100): Updated information on Copilot privacy; minor grammar and style fixes; updated info about MS Cloud for Sustainability.
3 (Managing Identities)August 2023 (98): General refresh across chapter because of Entra ID rebranding.
September 2023 (99): Guest account sponsors and inactive guest access reviews; link to CAE strict enforcement documentation; updated company branding to reflect GA of additional customization.
October 2023 (100): Microsoft-managed Authenticator enrollment campaign and risky Authenticator notification filtering; WhatsApp SMS-based MFA in select countries; Microsoft 365 multi-tenant organizations; reflected conditional access templates becoming generally available.
4 (Tenant Management)August 2023 (98): updated section on NPS feedback. Rebranded some items Entra ID (where appropriate; some UI item descriptions remain as “Azure AD” since the UI hasn’t changed yet). Brief update on Microsoft 365 Backup.
September 2023 (99): Added coverage of advanced deployment guides. Introduced coverage of Defender unified RBAC. Introduced coverage of Edge for Business. October 2023 (100): A fond goodbye to the Yammer admin center. Added content on Edge workspace management. Added new section on Bing Chat for Enterprise.
5 (User ManagementAugust 2023 (98): Updated info on MSCommerce PS module. Partial rebranding to Entra ID. Added “strictly enforce location policies” discussion.
September 2023 (99): Minor grammar and style fixes. Linked to Python/Excel announcement. October 2023 (100): Updated self-service purchasing section.
6 (Exchange Online)August 2023 (98): Microsoft announced client credential flow for SMTP AUTH.
October 2023 (100): Rewrote section covering junk mail configuration. Rewrote some of the information about inactive mailboxes.
7 (Mail Flow)September 2023 (99): New honor DMARC policy (with the reject and quarantine overrides). New ZAP Post-Delivery Report. Changes to the Simulation URLs behavior in Advanced Delivery. New Out-of-date Exchange Servers Report. Update on when Microsoft routes relayed messages through the high-risk relay pools and how to check/troubleshoot.
October 2023 (100): Coverage of the Mailflow status report, the ability to email an offline version of this report to admins, and the deprecation of older ATP report PowerShell cmdlets and their replacements.
8 (SharePoint Online)August 2023 (98): Refresh in the user experience in both sharing files and folders in SharePoint and OneDrive and managing access. Custom list templates can contain Power Automate Flows.
September 2023 (99): The Microsoft 365 admin center now has a setting to enable Loop for everyone in the tenant. Added note about using the SharePoint Online module with PowerShell 7. New Viva Connections setup experience added to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center: Now it’s possible to add more than a Viva Connections Experience to a tenant. Topics in Viva Topics can be also created without the requirement of a Viva Topics license in apps such as Viva Engage.
October 2023 (100): Added section about sharing SharePoint News. Updated table about OneDrive views. Added note about Answers Analytics report. Added bullet about Syntex OCR support.
9 (Tasks)August 2023 (98): Entra ID rebranding. Discussion of plan sharing through file containers. September 2023 (99): Added mention of Planner PWA. Added coverage of Task/Planner display.
October 2023 (100): Loop component for Planner; update to display; personal Plans.
10 (Video)August 2023 (98): Retirement date for Stream Classic is now April 15, 2024. Automatic transcript generation for videos uploaded to SharePoint Online starts in August 2023 and is controlled by a SharePoint tenant setting.
September 2023 (99): Clipchamp for Work is available for Microsoft 365 enterprise SKUs. Microsoft has pushed the retirement date for Stream Live Events to January 30, 2024.
October 2023 (100): In mid-October 2023, Stream will start displaying a banner whenever an app plays a video migrated from Stream classic using a redirect link.
11 (Groups)August 2023 (98): Added details about updating photos for groups and teams. Rewrote section about mail user objects created for groups.
October 2023 (100): Added note about the inability to mix property types in membership rules for dynamic groups.
12 (Teams)August 2023 (98): New setting to control if Teams clients prompt shared channel owners with a web page if they try to add a member from a domain that isn’t trusted. You can now create up to 1,000 regular and shared channels per team. The Maybelline video effects app is available. Teams now plays Stream videos inline without any need to open the Stream player.
September 2023 (99): A Teams Premium self-service purchase trial license will be available in September (commercial tenants only).
October 2023 (100): Special Teams licenses must be used by new accounts in the European Economic Area (EEA) from October 1, 2023. Teams Town Hall replaces Teams Live Events (which will be retired in September 2024).
13 (Managing Teams)August 2023 (98): Document the setting for the shared channel web page displayed by clients when an attempt is made to add a member from an untrusted domain.
September 2023 (99): Minor updates and clarifications.
October 2023 (100): Added section about administrator deletion of Teams chat threads.
14 (Managing Calling and Devices)August 2023 (98): New configuration options for Calling Policies & Call Queues. Update to some graphics & minor additions to MTR behavior.
September 2023 (99): Tweaks to new capabilities and removal of 3PIP support.
October 2023 (100): Tweak to dates for feature cut-offs and availability
15 (Clients)August 2023 (98): Entra ID rebranding. Added more coverage on Monarch. Coverage of security and accessibility baselines for OCPS.
September 2023 (99): Date updates; minor style and grammar fixes.
October 2023 (100): Monarch and macOS Sonoma release updates; first update of Apps admin center layout changes. Minor updates to Cloud Policy section.
16 (Managing Devices)September 2023 (99): Entra ID rebranding October 2023 (100): iOS minimum supported version increased; multi-admin approval is now generally available.
17 (Compliance)August 2023 (98): Add note about FullCrawl parameter for the Start-ManagedFolderAssistant cmdlet.
September 2023 (99): Make it clear that Office 365 E3 covers the default application of sensitivity labels to items through policy settings.
18 (eDiscovery)September 2023 (99): Make it explicit that content searches cannot process on-premises mailboxes. The User search requests facility is discontinued from August 31, 2023 and replaced with content searches or eDiscovery standard.
19 (DLP)August 2023 (98): Exchange Online ceases to process DLP conditions in transport rules in August 2023.
20 (Information Protection)August 2023 (98): SharePoint Online now fully supports sensitivity labels for PDFs.
September 2023 (99): DKE support in the current channel of the Microsoft 365 enterprise apps pushed out to mid-August. SharePoint Online support for sensitivity labels with user-defined permissions is now available (preview, due for roll-out in September). Several clarifications and reinforcements included in different sections.
21 (Reporting and Auditing)August 2023 (98): Microsoft increased the retention limit for audit events from 90 to 180 days. They also made 30 critical events available for accounts with Purview Audit (standard). Updated code to switch the concealment setting for usage reports to use Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK V2 (it’s a better example too).
September 2023 (99): Microsoft changed the activity name for ODSP deletion actions from FileDeleted to FileRecycled.
October 2023 (100): Emphasized the need to check mailbox audit configurations to ensure that MailItemAccessed events are captured.
22 (Power Platform)August 2023 (98): Included new details about Power Automate licensing.
September 2023 (99): Reworked coverage of licensing requirements for Power components.
October 2023 (100): Refined the AI Builder section, minor formatting updates, and added documentation links under the environments section for environment security roles, privilege, assigning user security to environments.
23 (PowerShell)August 2023 (98): Added information about how to fetch renewal dates for Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Updated section about adding a photo to a team. V2 of the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK became generally available on July 4, 2023. All of the SDK examples in the chapter were checked and updated for SDK V2. September 2023 (99): Added warning about license assignments for accounts in restricted administrative units. Rewrote section dealing with removing and recovering user accounts. Rewrote section about using Search with Get-MgUser.
October 2023 (100): Rewrote section about the Connect-MgGraph cmdlet because Microsoft introduced new introductory text in SDK 2.4, so we took the chance to clarify and amplify some points. Rewrote the license management section to expand it and introduce new examples of license assignments and how to check for different conditions before attempting to assign licenses. Added section to describe how to use Microsoft’s downloadable file of product and service plan identifiers.
AppendixAugust 2023 (98): Added Microsoft FY23 Q4 results.
October 2023 (100): Added SLA data for Q2 CY2023.