Office 365 for IT Pros Change Log

Changes and updates made to Office 365 for IT Pros (2023 edition)

Original release: July 1, 2022, latest update: September 1, 2022

Office 365 for IT Pros
Office 365 for IT Pros

This log describes the changes made to the book since its original release. The document is up to date as of the version released on September 1, 2022 (monthly update #87). We try and release an updated version monthly, usually on the first of the month unless something like a major conference disrupts our ability to produce an update.

We last updated the companion book on 1 July 2022.

We can only ask Amazon to update monthly and even so, sometimes they do not agree that we make enough changes to justify them sending a notification to customers that they can download the updated file.

Individual Chapter Changes for Office 365 for IT Pros, 2022 ed.

1 (Overview)August 2022 (86): Information adjusted from Microsoft FY22 Q4 results.
2 (Embracing the Cloud)August 2022 (86): added coverage of Sovereign Cloud and Customer Lockbox for Power Platform.
September 2022 (87): minor grammar and style corrections.
3 (Managing Identities)August 2022 (86): Added coverage of Microsoft Entra; Updated app registration consent section; Added group writeback V2; Added inactive guest self-access reviews; Updates to leave organization text; Updated sources for B2B guests; Update converged registration text to reflect rollout.
September 2022 (87): Updates to certificate-based authentication; updated conditional access samples; various grammar and formatting fixes.
4 (Tenant Management)August 2022 (86): added coverage of the new software update status page in the admin center.
September 2022 (87): updated death (retirement) date for classic EAC. Added threat analytics to Defender portal section. Added sections on Experience Insights and Adoption Score dashboards.
5 (User ManagementAugust 2022 (86): minor clarity and style fixes.
September 2022 (87): minor grammar and style corrections. Updated all the rollout dates Microsoft missed for various features.
6 (Exchange Online)August 2022 (86): Rewrote section about inactive mailboxes.
September 2022 (87): Microsoft is changing the deleted mailbox retention period for inactive mailboxes from 183 days to 30 days in September 2022. Rewrote section about shared mailbox licensing.
7 (Mail Flow)August 2022 (86): New actions for common attachment filtering and junk email reporting.
September 2022 (87): New default expiration for quarantined messages is 30 days. Added text about preset security policies.
8 (SharePoint Online)August 2022 (86): Added section about how to manage SPO with the Microsoft Graph API. Added section about how Add to OneDrive shared folders. Some Microsoft lists templates now include a pre-built Power Automate Flow.
September 2022 (87): New IsCollabMeetingNotesFluidEnabled setting available to control fluid components in OneNote meeting notes. Starting in November, Microsoft will start to enforce site limits for SharePoint lists, libraries, and subsites. Microsoft will retire the global classic term store between September and October.
9 (Tasks)August 2022 (86): Brief mention of forthcoming rollout of new Tasks in Teams experience.
September 2022 (87): minor grammar and style corrections. Updated a few missed dates here too.
10 (Video)August 2022 (86): The migration tool for Stream classic should be in public preview in late August 2022 (it still isn’t).
11 (Groups)August 2022 (86): Added link to script to find groups with guests.
September 2022 (87): Added detail about creating dynamic groups.
12 (Teams)August 2022 (86): Teams meetings now auto-expire if they become stale. The wiki tab is no longer provisioned automatically for new channels (from mid-August). Added coverage of the Teams Files policy.
September 2022 (87): Clarified that tags can be used to start chats. Also, Teams now allows users to start chats with distribution lists, Microsoft 365 groups, or mail-enable security groups.
13 (Managing Teams)August 2022 (86): Minor updates.
September 2022 (87): Minor updates.
14 (Managing Calling and Devices)August 2022 (86): Rewrite of the call queue and auto attendant section to cover updates and improve clarity. Minor updates covering some small feature improvements and tweaks to overall structure and wording. September 2022 (87): Added new pay-as-you-go calling plan information and updates to Common Area phone license. Added information about Emergency Calling (LIS).
15 (Clients)August 2022 (86): Added section on blocking Office macros with OCPS. Mentioned macOS ODB sync health reports. Mentioned Outlook Lite. Short section on Bookings client.
September 2022 (87): minor grammar and style corrections. Updated iOS/iPad OS support range. Updated EWS death (retirement) date. And, for fun, updated a few more missed rollout dates.
16 (Managing Devices)August 2022 (86): Added new app protection data transfer setting (photo library); clarified support for device actions on Android; Updated UI text for configuration profiles and added settings catalog option.
September 2022 (87): Added additional app protection policy data transfer options; tweaks to email profile deployment; various grammar and layout fixes.
17 (Compliance)August 2022 (86): Added more details about app-specific retention compliance policy cmdlets. Clarified information about item disposition at the end of a retention period set by a label.
September 2022 (87): New compliance licensing guideline document released by Microsoft. Updated section about adaptive scopes.
19 (DLP)August 2022 (86): The release of the new credentials sensitive information types means that the total available are now over three hundred.
20 (Information Protection)August 2022 (86): Added new example of how to find Microsoft 365 Groups with guests that have inconsistent sensitivity labels.
September 2022 (87): Added note about SPO-Tenant setting to block notifications for mismatched labels. Added link to script to allow admins to find which users caused document mismatches to occur.
21 (Reporting and Auditing)September 2022 (87): Added text showing how to use the programmatic (Graph) controls to update the setting to generate concealed data in Graph-based reports.
22 (Power Platform)August 2022 (86): Minor updates to licensing and plan information. Some rewrites of paragraphs in the Power BI section.
September 2022 (87): Added coverage of Power Apps Code Review tool.
23 (PowerShell)August 2022 (86): Added more examples of using the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. Added section covering the Get-MgUserMemberGroup cmdlet.
September 2022 (87): Microsoft changes the retirement date for the Azure AD and MSOL license assignment cmdlets from August 26, 2022, to March 31, 2023. Replaced Get-TeamChannel with the new Get-TeamAllChannel cmdlet in code example and added a section explaining how the cmdlet works. Added new example of checking the enablement status of a service plan in user assigned licenses. Added section explaining how to resolve tenant identifiers to tenant display names. Rewrote section about removing service plans from licenses for multiple Azure AD accounts.
AppendixAugust 2022 (86): Added data from Microsoft FY22 Q4 earnings.
September 2022 (87): Added SLA result for Q2 2022.