Update 5 Released for Office 365 for IT Pros (2019 edition)

The August 28, 2018 update for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook is now available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats. This is a large update for the book as we changed 13 out of 24 chapters.


The Story Behind Office 365 for IT Pros

An Idea Grows The story began in August 2014, when Tony Redmond started to write about Office 365 while on vacation in the South of France. Microsoft Press had published my Exchange 2013 book in September 2013, and I wanted a new book project. However, the problem with Office 365 was that everything changed all …

Why We Publish a New Edition of Office 365 for IT Pros Every Year

One of the most common questions we get is why we generate a new edition every year. The answer is pretty simple. It’s reflects the pace of the cloud and the need for books to change to cover what’s happening inside Office 365. The Old Days of On-Premises Software In the “old days” of on-premises …