Super ExMerge Available Now

New Version of a Popular Admin Tool for Exchange Restructuring

A download for the “old” ExMerge (or Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Merge Wizard) is still online on Microsoft’s web site. I wonder how many people still download such a venerable tool in the hope that they can use it to ” Extract data from mailboxes on one server running Exchange and then merge that data into mailboxes on another server running Exchange.”

The problem is that the version available online is for Exchange 2003. If you have that version, ExMerge is a valuable tool for your administrator toolbox. But once Exchange 2007 appeared and became the first major Microsoft server application to support PowerShell, ExMerge was replaced by cmdlets.

People still hanker for ExMerge though, and I was amused to hear that Priasoft, an ISV based in Arizona, has created a modern take on the utility called Super ExMerge to meet a demand that I didn’t know existed. The new utility supports both Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises.

I don’t do product reviews and I don’t endorse products, but if you’re interested in software to move mailbox content about between PSTs, public folders, and other mailboxes, then you can have a look at this tool. And unlike the original ExMerge, the new tool supports PowerShell.

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