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2019 Edition Comments

Carsten Büttemeier

July 15 at 7:03 PM: … working myself through the Office 365 for IT Pros 5 book I bought from Gumroad. The whole authoring team did a tremendous job here, thanks for putting that beast together and keeping it fresh. Should be put in every OneDrive of all these so-called Office 365 consultants out there. 😉

Big Kudos, never spent my money for a more comprehended and complete publication!

Here’s the review published by Paul Cunningham on Practical365.com.

Fourth Edition Comments

We obviously want to do better with the 5th (2019) edition, but here’s what customers say about the 4th edition. You can check out other reviews on Amazon.

“One of the most useful IT books I’ve encountered. Has it all but is put together so you can find what you need. Authors really know their stuff too.”Peter Kincaid (via Amazon)

“I’ve been focused on Office 365 for almost 5 years and this resource has been a tremendous asset in all areas… especially those I have not spent much time in. When a client asks about a certain offering in 365, I always check this book first and then do more research if needed.”Jeremy Johnston (via Amazon)

“This is an incredible resource for Office 365 newbies and experienced admins alike.It’s well laid out by topic and it condenses many technet articles and blog posts worth of information and tips into an easy to read format. it is also kept very up to date which is a plus. Can’t recommend this book enough.”Nathan Taylor (via Amazon)

“I thought I was good with most things in Office 365, but the amount of little things I have picked up on throughout the book is amazing!”James Kindon

“A comprehensive, constantly updated Ebook; constantly updated and accurate. The author is responsive and quick to provide feedback/updates. You get practical understanding, good for a beginner or expert, and PowerShell Examples. Really well written, lots of content. And updated almost weekly it seems.”Amazon Customer

We are considering a move from our current on-premises Microsoft environment to Office 365. I like to think that I’m a fairly competent system administrator, having previously successfully completed projects such as full production environment server rebuilds and cross-domain Exchange migrations, but I had concerns that “I don’t know what I don’t know” with respect to migrating to Office 365. We looked into getting consulting help with an Office 365 implementation, but the quotes that we received back were in the five figure range, which was far more than what the organization that I work for was willing and able to spend. Using my own funds, I had purchased Paul Cunningham’s earlier ebook on Exchange Server as part of my cross-domain Exchange migration project, and found it to be a very helpful resource. Upon discovering that he had co-authored this book, I asked my supervisor if I could use company funds to purchase it. I have only had the book for about a few weeks now, but I have already found it to be helpful and without a doubt worth the cost. It is evident that the authors are deeply knowledgeable about Office 365, and provide a clear, unvarnished appraisal of the available services, including both its positive and negative aspects. Armed with the information available in this book, I now feel substantially more confident that I could guide the organization through a migration to Office 365 on my own, without the need to spend large sums of money on external consulting services.

I unreservedly endorse and recommend this book to any experienced system administrator who is tasked with migrating their organization to Office 365. It is well worth the nominal investment to have the information and insights that it provides. – Amazon customer


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