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This web site is all about the latest news about the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook. We’ll let you know when we release updates for the book, and we’ll tell you about snippets that come to our attention covering different aspects of Office 365. These might be hints, news about bugs, rumors, or anything else that seems to be interesting, including news about new features and functionality in Office 365-related technology that we discover while researching content for the book. (Go here to see the latest news).

The content of the book is constantly changing. We’re always interested in listening to what people think about the current content, how it can be changed and improved, topics that we need to cover or increase our coverage of, mistakes that we’ve made and things that don’t work anymore (like hyperlinks, which change all the time). Our policy is to update the book as soon as we are aware of changes that need our attention or we find a mistake (hopefully a harmless typo).

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