Stream Adds Recycle Bin for Videos

The Stream Recycle Bin displays a list of deleted videos
Figure 1: The Stream Recycle Bin displays a list of deleted videos

Office 365 Notification MC186719 appeared on July 29 (Office 365 Roadmap 53140). Normally Microsoft posts notifications a few weeks before a roll-out starts, but in this case they were a little earlier than usual. However, no harm done and now the Stream Recycle Bin (Figure 1) has turned up in the Office 365 for IT Pros tenant. The appearance of the Recycle Bin is useful because tenants are just commencing DIY migrations from Office 365 Video to Stream.

Thirty Days to Reconsider

The Stream Recycle Bin is very straightforward. Delete a video and it goes into the bin for 30 days. During this period, the video’s owner can access the video by opening the Recycle bin through the My Content menu. To restore the video to its original location (groups and channels) with its original permissions, click the restore video icon on the far right of the video’s listing (under Actions).

Once the 30 day retention period expires, a background job removes the video permanently and it is irrecoverable. Video owners can accelerate the process by clicking the Delete icon in the listing: this will remove the video immediately.

Stream Administrators Can Restore Any Deleted Video in a Tenant

Stream administrators also have access to the Recycle Bin where they’ll find any video deleted by any tenant user that hasn’t yet expired. An administrator can then restore or delete the video. MC186719 says that the Recycle Bin displays how much of the tenant’s Stream storage is consumed by videos in the bin. I don’t see this in my tenant, but perhaps it’s a feature that’s still being deployed.

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