Office 365 Service Starts from Norwegian Datacenters

Oslo and Stavanger

In June 2018, Microsoft announced that two new datacenters in Oslo and Stavanger would offer the “intelligent Microsoft Cloud” services to Norwegian customers. Office 365 is now available in the Norway datacenter region (Figure 1) and Ståle Hansen, the Norwegian member of the Office 365 for IT Pros writing team, is in seventh heaven.

 Norway gets Office 365
Figure 1: Norway gets Office 365

New tenants can use the Norwegian datacenter immediately. Like all new datacenter regions, it will take some time for existing Norwegian tenants to move from their current location in the Western Europe region.

Go Local

The Norwegian datacenters are part of Microsoft’s “Go Local” strategy to push cloud services to country-level datacenters to satisfy customer concerns about data sovereignty. Similar regions exist in France, Germany, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the U.K. (Figure 2).

Office 365 datacenter regions
Figure 2: Office 365 datacenter regions

Nice as it is to see Norway get its Office 365 service, I won’t be switching to Norwegian (Figure 3). English is difficult enough for me.

Office 365 in Norwegian
Figure 3: Office 365 in Norwegian

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