Office 365 Service Starts from Norwegian Datacenters

Office 365 services are now available in the two Norway datacenters in Oslo and Stavanger. The new datacenters join several other “Go Local” country-level regions around the world.

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Services from South African Datacenters

On July 25. Microsoft South Africa announced the commencement of Office 365 services from datacenters in Johannesburg and Cape Town. South Africa is the sixteenth Office 365 region. Core services like Exchange Online and SharePoint Online are now being delivered to South African tenants.

Microsoft Opens New Middle East Office 365 Datacenter Region

Office 365 is now generally available from datacenters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to serve Arabian Gulf and Middle East customers. Microsoft hasn’t said what services are being delivered from the new datacenters, but it’s likely that they will begin with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

New German Office 365 Datacenter Region to Replace Black Forest

New German Office 365 datacenters are on their way and will replace the dedicated Black Forest region that’s been used by German tenants since 2015. The move is good for tenants because they’ll be able to access more functionality.