Update 5 Released for Office 365 for IT Pros (2019 edition)

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Summer might seem like a quiet time, but the Office 365 for IT Pros writing team has been busy over the last month documenting all the changes that have occurred within the service. The August 28 update for the 2019 edition is now available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats.

This time round, we updated a total of 13 out of 24 chapters, so this is considered a large and important update for the book. See our change log for more details. It’s staggering to think that we have added a net 38 pages of content (about 16,500 words) since we launched the 2019 edition on 1 July. Only an eBook publishing model can keep pace with the volume and detail of change that happens inside a cloud service like Office 365.

Please download the updated files at your convenience. If you bought the book through Gumroad.com, you’ll find the link to get the updates in your receipt or in your account. If you bought the Kindle version, we have to convince Amazon to notify buyers about new content, We’ve done that now and hope that Amazon will send notifications soon. In the interim, you can follow the advice here to download the update.

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