October 2018 Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros eBook

Seventh Update for the 2019 Edition

The Office 365 for IT Pros writing team is delighted to announce that the seventh update for the 2019 edition is now available on Gumroad and Kindle. Subscribers who bought the PDF/EPUB version can download the updates from their Gumroad account while those who bought the Kindle version can download it from Amazon. See our FAQ for more details about how to fetch downloads. The FAQ also explains how we handle updates for the book.

A Major Update

The full set of changes made since the publication of the 2019 edition is available in our change log. Because of the amount of information released by Microsoft and other experts at the recent Ignite 2018 conference, the seventh update is very extensive and spans 16 of the 24 chapters (see below). In fact, this is the largest set of changes we have ever shipped in an update and the sheer number and scope of changes underlines the value of having an eBook for Office 365. No printed book simply could have coped with this kind of change.


In addition to the major changes we note in the change log, there are many other minor corrections and updates (like fixing typos). We planned to have a major refresh of Chapter 16 (on Teams and Meetings), but this text didn’t make the deadline. We will include it in the next update.

Please Update Your Files

Because so much content is updated in this release, we ask all our subscribers to download and use the new files. We can’t be blamed if you depend on something that you read in an older version! Like the cloud, we keep on changing…

We’ve also updated the companion volume (PDF/EPUB and Kindle). As a reminder, the companion volume is bundled with the PDF/EPUB version and is available separately for Kindle.

We hope that you enjoy the updates.


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