How to Move a Personal Microsoft Form to Become a Group Forms

Forms Primer

Last month, I wrote about Forms and called the application an underappreciated part of Office 365. Yesterday, Microsoft posted a note to say that they’ve added the ability to move a personal form to Group Forms.

Moving Forms

To move a form, you select a form that you own, select Move from the ellipsis menu, and then choose a target Microsoft 365 group (see below). Once the target group is selected, click Move.

Selecting a target Office 365 group

A few seconds later, the selected form disappears from the My forms section and shows up under Group forms (you might have to select the target group to see the form). All of the members of the owning Microsoft 365 group are now able to work with the form and view the data gathered by the form when the form is released.

The form in the Office 365 group

As Microsoft’s post makes clear, moving is a one-way operation that can’t be reversed. You also can’t move a form from one group to another.

The move option allows someone to develop a form out of sight of a group and then share the form with the group when it’s ready for review. It’s a small but good improvement.

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