Office 365 Exposed Episode #15 Now Available

All the Office 365 News That’s Fit to Hear… Or Something Like That

Office 365 Exposed Podcast Episode 15 on Apple iTunes

Office 365 Exposed is a podcast that Paul Robichaux and I record on a strictly amateur irregular basis. We started in 2015 and have reached the dizzy summit of 15 episodes, with the latest recorded last week. The podcasts are available for download on Apple iTunes and other podcast services.

For this episode, Paul was in London, I was in the South of France, and our guest, Vasil Michev, dialled in from Bulgaria. We used Teams to record the podcast and Paul did some clean-up on the resulting file captured in Stream (you can listen to the file online from his site if you don’t want to download the podcast).

Podcast Topics

Among the topics discussed in Episode 15 are:

  • The release of Office 365 for IT Pros (2020 Edition). Paul and I write chapters and then suffer the scorn of Vasil when he tells us where we got things wrong. All good in the end.
  • The loss of some good people from the MVP program following the recent (July 1) renewal cycle. All programs need to go through some form of renewal to bring new people in and release people who aren’t quite able to make the same impactful contribution they once could.
  • The deprecation of the Search-Mailbox cmdlet in Exchange Online and if content searches can do everything that Search-Mailbox can. The answer (invariably) is “No” but that’s because the two features are designed for different purposes.
  • The meaning of likes and other reactions in Teams and why these reactions aren’t so meaningful in email. We also discussed how OWA, the only Exchange Online client to support likes, manages the process of gathering and displaying likes given by message recipients.
  • Other bits and pieces loosely related to Office 365.

We don’t pretend that this is the best podcast in the world. However, it amuses us and we like to get together and chat about current topics. It’s great if you’d like to download and listen to the podcast, and it’s equally great if you ignore our ramblings. We’ll probably do episode 16 at Ignite (and yes, one day we’ll get around to updating the logo…)

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