Petri GET-IT for Teams Virtual Conference

Free Remote Event About Teams on August 12

The fine people at are running a one-day virtual conference covering different aspects of Microsoft Teams on August 12. You can sign up for sessions online.

The conference schedule is:

  • Welcome to GET-IT Teams Day on (Brad Sams): Kicking off Petri’s GET-IT: Teams 1-Day virtual conference is a full day of free learning dedicated to deep technical Microsoft Teams content aimed at accelerating the adoption, collaboration, and usage of the platform.
  • Architecture and Concepts of Teams (Tony Redmond): Teams is an application build of the cloud, for the cloud. It uses more components drawn from across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem than any other application and is Microsoft’s fastest growing Office 365 application. In this session, we’ll look at how Teams is put together and what makes it tick.
  • Become a Microsoft 365 Groups Superhero (Steve Goodman): Success with Microsoft Teams relies on solid management of Microsoft 365 groups – get it right, and you’ll find enable user autonomy, get it wrong and chaos will ensue. In this session, you’ll learn how to wield control over groups, including best practices for configuring creation, access, naming, expiry and how to manage access for internal users and external guests, whilst still providing a great experience for your organization.
  • Why you need to think About Calling and Meetings when Going to Teams Only Mode (Ståle Hansen): Most companies are thinking about how to get to Teams Only mode these days. This session will go through Teams capabilities, how they compare to Skype for Business and how to plan for succeeding with call quality and how to verify using monitoring tools.
  • Choosing the Right Devices for a Great Teams Experience (Tom Arbuthnot): Microsoft Teams provides a great online meeting and telephony platform, but it isn’t complete without the right audio and video devices. In this session Tom Arbuthnot helps you understand your device options from USB headsets to IP phones to collaboration bars and Microsoft Room Systems.
  • Understanding Teams Compliance (Tony Redmond): Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and as such it must support the data governance and compliance framework used to ensure that Office 365 tenants keep the information they want and remove information they don’t. In this session, we’ll review how Teams supports different Office 365 compliance features and how your tenant can take advantage of this functionality.
  • Building applications around Microsoft Teams (Tom Morgan): Microsoft Teams has become a platform for modern-day working. By bringing information and functionality to users within Teams where they are already collaborating, developers can enable users to work more productively and achieve more.

After the introduction by Brad Sams, all of the remaining speakers are MVPs. Each (apart from me) has undoubted credibility in the area they’re covering. readers will recognize Steve Goodman (who also writes for and uses his husky ex-DJ voice to good effect when discussing technology), while Ståle Hansen is one of the Office 365 for IT Pros author team, where he writes about Teams, Voice, and anything to do with calling. He’s also positively awesome, at least according to himself!

Seriously, we plan to cover a lot of material in these sessions. Come along and join the fun!

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