First Monthly Update Issued for the Office 365 for IT Pros (2022 Edition) eBook

It’s the start of the month, so it must be time to release an update for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook. We start a new cycle of monthly updates with the first update for Office 365 for IT Pros (2022 edition), now available to be downloaded from by our EPUB/PDF subscribers. We did not update the companion volume in this cycle, so all subscribers need to download are the updated EPUB and PDF files. See for details about how to download updated files. The update status of the book files is shown in the footer of each page (PDF) or the inside front cover (EPUB).

We also updated the Kindle version, but purchasers of this book need to ask Amazon support for access to the new files.

Changes in August 2021

Like every update, the changes covered for August 2021 span a range of topics (see below). We also fixed some annoying bugs that we found in the formatting of Chapter 13.

GroupsAdded section about deleting distribution lists. Updated section about Yammer compliance records.
IntroductionIncluded data from Microsoft FY21 Q4 results.
ClientsAdded mention of forthcoming “Teams 2.0” client; cleaned up some references to the various preview channels.
DevicesAdded information about minimum supported operating systems. Reminder to only use modern authentication with email profiles.
Embracing the CloudAdded scale and endpoint protection points to pro-cloud arguments.
IdentityAdded a section on application permissions, managing consent, and the risks of illicit consent.
Managing UsersAdded a couple of new admin roles (Attack Simulator Admin, etc.). Introduced Windows 365 as a new service.
Managing Your TenantUpdated timeline for SCC redirect. Added new section on Integrated apps settings page. Updated references to service communications API.
PowerShellAdded several clarifications. Added section about using OData filters with Graph API calls in PowerShell scripts. Added some extra context about using Graph API calls with PowerShell.
TeamsRewrote section about hiding Teams from Exchange Online and added a new script to tidy up visible teams. Users can now choose how to open Office documents.
AuditingDiscrimination classifier is in preview for communications compliance policies. Added suggestion for how people can find audit events for actions they wish to investigate.
SharePointFrom August 13, SharePoint only stores 30 days’ worth of PST versions in a document library. Added section about the tenant domain rename. process and made minor changes. Updated several sections with new information.
eDiscoveryNote that Advanced eDiscovery actions can sometimes be slow. Very slow.
Mail FlowRewrote sections about anti-phishing and anti-spoofing. Added section about external tagging of email.
VideoMicrosoft has released a preview of the new Stream browser interface.
Information ProtectionNote that a label applied by a sensitivity label with visual markings will overwrite any existing header or footer present in a document.

Being able to issue monthly updates is a luxury afforded by the ePublishing model that makes sure that Office 365 for IT Pros is always up to date and current. We exploit our ability to continually update text to describe new features, add new tips and techniques, and ensure that our readers have the most insightful coverage of Office 365 technology available in any book anywhere.

Work has already started to prepare the September update to cover some important features Microsoft will ship during August. The great things about Office 365 and the wider Microsoft 365 ecosystem is that we never run out of new things to analyze, report, and dissect. We’re looking forward to working through our task list, and we hope that our subscribers will appreciate this month’s updates and the others they’ll receive for the duration of the 2022 edition.

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