How to Access the TEC 2021 Session Videos

Videos and Slides Available to All

The Experts Conference (TEC) 2021 took place using a mixture of Teams Live Events and online meetings over September 1-2. The TEC organizers have posted videos and slides of the presentations online for all to access.

Naturally, you’ll check out my session on Leveraging the Graph to Manage Microsoft 365 (video and slides). While many of the topics covered in the session have also appeared in articles, there’s nothing like making a pitch on important topics like this to force you to think through the value of the subject.

Many other useful sessions are also available – certainly enough for anyone to find some nuggets of information. I’ve pointed to a set of sessions that I like here, including interesting talks about the Microsoft 365 substrate, Azure AD futures, and defending your company against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Looking Forward to TEC 2022 in Atlanta

The Experts Conference 2022 takes place September 20-21, 2022, in the Loews Atlanta Hotel. Although Teams has served as a worthy platform for TEC 2020 and TEC 2021, it will be great to get back to an in-person conference. Many great speakers have already been lined up, and the combination of talent and in-person interaction should make TEC 2022 a fantastic event to attend. Super early bird registration for TEC 2022 ends Feb 28, 2022, and costs $350. The registration gradually increases to $799, so this is a good example of getting in early to save money.

I look forward to meeting many Office 365 for IT Pros subscribers at TEC 2021 in Atlanta.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this blog. It seems all the recorded session in TEC 2021 are not available. Can you please share the right link we can use to access all recorded sessions? Cheers, Imrul

    1. I’ll ask what’s happening…

      Update: The videos are still available through the TEC 2021 link. You need to give an email address and some contact details to access the content. I told the Quest people that I didn’t think this was a good thing several months after the conference. Apparently, change is coming.

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