Microsoft Graph Subscriptions API Available in Beta

New Method to Retrieve Renewal Dates for Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

As part of my campaign to help people move off the old MSOL and AzureAD PowerShell modules to use the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK before Microsoft deprecates the modules, I wrote a script to demonstrate how to use the Graph SDK to create a licensing report for a tenant. One of the replies to the article observed that the output of the Get-MgSubscribedSku cmdlet didn’t provide the same information as the old Get-MsolSubscription cmdlet. Specifically, the SDK cmdlet doesn’t tell you the renewal date for a product (SKU).

Relief is now available, but not yet in an SDK cmdlet. Instead, you can fetch the renewal information using a new beta Graph subscriptions endpoint described in Vasil’s blog. This is different to the SubscribedSku API, which is what I think is the base for the Get-MgSubscribedSku cmdlet.

Practical Example of Displaying Renewal Dates for Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

As an example of how you might use the information, I took the output generated by the Get-MgSubscribedSku cmdlet and reformatted it so that it looks like the output from the Get-MsolSubscription cmdlet. The cmdlet lists the SKU part number, active units (available units), warning units (licenses that have expired or have another problem), and consumed units (licenses assigned to user accounts). I wanted to add the renewal date and number of days until the renewal date.

To fetch the renewal dates, I then use the Invoke-MgGraphRequest cmdlet to query the endpoint. If a SKU has a renewal date, it is in the nextLifecycleDateTime property. Some SKUs that don’t expire (like Power BI standard) don’t have renewal dates. Here’s an example of the information for a Viva Topics subscription that has a renewal date.

Name                           Value
----                           -----
skuId                          4016f256-b063-4864-816e-d818aad600c9
skuPartNumber                  TOPIC_EXPERIENCES
createdDateTime                05/02/2021 18:09:21
totalLicenses                  25
id                             de6eac24-b4b7-4f7e-abeb-9e4f10b36883
serviceStatus                  {System.Collections.Hashtable, System.Collections.Hashtable, System.Collections.Hasht...
ocpSubscriptionId              eeda0292-642e-4901-9825-aa7dfc9b0efc
isTrial                        True
status                         Warning
nextLifecycleDateTime          30/07/2023 14:53:22

To make it easy to lookup the renewal data for a SKU, I created a hash table to store SKU identifiers and renewal dates. The final step is to loop through the SKU information and add the renewal date. Here’s the code:

Connect-MgGraph -Scopes Directory.Read.All
Select-MgProfile beta
# Get the basic information about tenant subscriptions
[array]$Skus = Get-MgSubscribedSku
$SkuReport = [System.Collections.Generic.List[Object]]::new()
ForEach ($Sku in $Skus) {
 $DataLine = [PSCustomObject][Ordered]@{
   SkuPartNumber = $Sku.SkuPartNumber
   SkuId         = $Sku.SkuId
   ActiveUnits   = $Sku.PrepaidUnits.Enabled
   WarningUnits  = $Sku.PrepaidUnits.Warning
   ConsumedUnits = $Sku.ConsumedUnits }

# Get the renewal data
$Uri = ""
[array]$SkuData = Invoke-MgGraphRequest -Uri $Uri -Method Get
# Put the renewal information into a hash table
$SkuHash = @{}
ForEach ($Sku in $SkuData.Value) { $SkuHash.Add($Sku.SkuId,$Sku.nextLifecycleDateTime) }

# Update the report with the renewal information
ForEach ($R in $SkuReport) {
  $DaysToRenew = $Null
  $SkuRenewalDate = $SkuHash[$R.SkuId]
  $R | Add-Member -NotePropertyName "Renewal date" -NotePropertyValue $SkuRenewalDate -Force 
  If ($SkuRenewalDate) {
   $DaysToRenew = (New-TimeSpan $SkuRenewalDate).Days
   $R | Add-Member -NotePropertyName "Days to renewal" -NotePropertyValue $DaysToRenew -Force 

$SkuReport | Format-Table SkuPartNumber, ActiveUnits, WarningUnits, ConsumedUnits, "Renewal date", "Days to renewal" -AutoSize

Figure 1 shows the output.

Reporting Microsoft 365 subscriptions with renewal dates
Figure 1: Reporting Microsoft 365 subscriptions with renewal dates

Future SDK Cmdlet Will Probably Come

Obviously, it would be much better if an SDK cmdlet exposed renewal dates for Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Given that the subscriptions endpoint is new, it’s likely that a new SDK will appear after Microsoft’s AutoRest process runs to process the metadata for the endpoint. I’d expect this to happen sometime in the next few weeks.

In the interim, if access to subscription renewal dates is holding up the migration of some old MSOL or AzureAD scripts, a solution is available.

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