Office 365 Reports Stole My Code

The success of the PowerShell Community is rooted in sharing knowledge and code. This makes it difficult when a company like Office 365 Reports (AdminDroid) steals code from PowerShell scripts written by other people and uses the code for their commercial purposes. I don’t like when this happens. I don’t like when the miscreant ignores my protest, so this article explains what happened and why this is a simple case of plagiarism.

Reporting Exchange Online Meeting Room Usage Patterns

Room mailboxes are still heavily used for in-person meetings. It’s good to know how often and when rooms are used, which is why we have the room mailbox report script. In the second version of the script, we include code to figure out the daily usage pattern of individual rooms and for all rooms across the organization. The graphics in our bar chart are crude, but the chart is generated with a few lines of PowerShell, so feel free to improve the script.