The unified Microsoft 365 Roadmap is here

As expected, Microsoft has announced the unified Microsoft 365 Roadmap that includes all the technologies that are part of Microsoft 365: Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10. The new roadmap comes also with a new web site and a new URL (Note: the Old Office 365 Roadmap Url is still live, but as soon as you browse to it, you are redirected to the new Url).

The new Microsoft 365 Roadmap site supports:

  • Search filters such as product (Enterprise Mobility + Security, Office 365, Windows 10), Platform (Online, Desktop, Android,iOS, MAC) and/or Cloud Instance (Education, GCC, GCC High, GCC High /DoD, Germany, Worldwide, All environments).

  • For a Roadmap item, you can view additional information such as a short description of the roadmap item and when it’s going to be released to Targeted Release or to production.

  • Subscribe to the Roadmap by means of a RSS feed so you can get the Microsoft Roadmap in your favorite RSS Reader Tool such as Outlook or my personal recommendation: Feedly.

In summary, the new Microsoft 365 Roadmap is the central point where we can search for updates about new features coming to Office 365, EM+S and Windows 10.

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