How Event-Based Retention Works in Office 365

Compliance Events Happen All The Time

It is the nature of company business that events like projects happen all the time. A simple retention scheme that operates purely on the basis of items aging out after a set period is enough to handle the bulk of information accumulating in an Office 365 tenant, but it might struggle to deal with items linked to formal events. For that reason, Office 365 data governance includes the ability to define events and link content to those events in such a way that retention countdowns start when an event happens. That way you’ll be sure that you keep documents like contracts for as long as you need after something like a project completion.

Today’s article explains event based retention in detail. If you need more information about how Office 365 data governance works, especially labels, you can find it in Chapter 19 of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook. We have lots more to say about data governance across all the Office 365 workloads!

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