Network performance and connectivity evaluation with Network Testing Companion

The Need for Speed

A very common task when moving to Office 365 or when we are already in the platform, it’s to make a Network Assessment to measure the performance and connectivity of the corporate network. Fortunately, you can use the Networking Testing Companion, a tool from Microsoft, to evaluate whether your corporate network can support Teams and Skype for Business Online.

Installing the Network Testing Companion

The Network Testing Companion provides a GUI for the Network Assessment Tool designed by Microsoft to make a quick performance and connectivity evaluation of a corporate network. To install the Network Testing Companion we need to execute the following PowerShell lines:

Install-Module NetworkTestingCompanion

The installation process downloads the software from Microsoft and installs it on your PC. A shortcut to invoke the tool is placed on the desktop.

Using the Network Testing Companion

Once the tool is installed in the PC, we can start it by clicking the desktop shortcut. The tool makes a first analysis to determine if our audio devices can work with Microsoft Teams and also the version of the Network Assessment tool in the system.

Once the analysis is done, we have the results available in the “Results” tab and we can identify any issue in our corporate network that can affect the use of Office 365 Services and Tools.

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