Report for Email Encryption in the Security and Compliance Center

An Insight Into Encryption

If you have deployed the new sensitivity labels into your Office 365 tenant or have trained people how to apply protection through rights management templates such as the default Encrypt-Only and Do Not Forward options available in OWA and Outlook, you might like to get some insight into how much email is being protected.

As announced at Ignite, the Security and Compliance Center includes a Message encryption report to show details of encrypted email processed in the last seven days. The report is in preview, so it doesn’t appear on any dashboard. However, if you’re an Office 365 tenant administrator, the report is revealed with this URL (Figure 1).

Message Encryption Report for Exchange Online
Figure 1: Message Encryption Report

The report shows the date, sender, recipient, subject, and encryption details. The encryption template is either one of the default (like Encrypt only) or a custom template (one defined by the tenant).  The encryption method shows whether protection is applied by a user or automatically, such as by a transport rule.

Some Points to Improve

There’s no way to export this information, nor is it recorded in the Office 365 audit log. The information gathered also seems to ignore some encrypted messages, including email sent to Microsoft. No doubt these are the kind of glitches that will be sorted out before Microsoft moves the feature from preview to generally available.

For more information about email encryption in Office 365, read Chapter 24 of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook.

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  1. thanks for this, where is the same report available in the new Security centre (Defender 365) that replaced the above protection.MS portal?

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