The Handy Save for Later Feature in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Save For Later

One very useful feature that has been available for some time in SharePoint Online (SPO) is the ability to save news and documents for later just in case some information published in our Intranet is important and we don’t have time now to read it in detail, but we can do it later. The “Save for later” feature allows to bookmark news and documents and we can easily browse them later from the SharePoint Home page and the SharePoint Mobile App

How the Save for Later Feature Works in SharePoint Online

The “Save for later” feature gives users a way to bookmark news and documents that can be easily browsed later from the SharePoint Home page and the SharePoint Mobile App.

Once you click on “Save for later”, the notation for this action will change to “Saved for later”. If you click again, a panel with the list of news and documents saved for later is displayed.

How to save an item in SharePoint Online
An item saved for later consumption

From this panel, you can access to all the saved news and documents you have saved in the tenant. Note all of them are conveniently displayed as cards.

How SharePoint Online shows saved news items
All My Saved News

Saving for later news and documents from the SharePoint Mobile App

The SharePoint Mobile App is the natural environment to mark news and documents for later reading. As soon as you are in the App, you will get familiar with this feature by clicking on the “dots” menu you have for every news and document can access.


In the same way you can create bookmarks in the browser or shortcuts in your desktop, you can “Save for later” news and documents in SPO in the browser or in the mobile app so to never miss important information.

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    1. But where/how to access the links that you have saved at a later time? I’m not sure if Peter’s meaning is the same, but is there a way to go to your llinks somewhere or is the only way to see that option is to save something new?

      1. Yes, that’s truly unexpected. I recall having seen this capability before though dont remember what version of SharePoint it was on. Thank you for your response – truly helpful!

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