How to Add Shared Mailboxes to Outlook Mobile

Sharing is Caring with Outlook for iOS or Android

Last week, we learned that Microsoft will soon roll out support for shared mailboxes in Outlook Mobile. Well, some people already have access to the feature through Apple’s Testflight for iOS program. Testflight allows developers to offer test versions of applications like Outlook mobile to people who don’t mind running beta software. The upside is that you see new features sooner. The downside is that the new features might not work or might change before the final version is released. With those caveats in mind, let’s explore how to add a shared mailbox to Outlook mobile using Testflight version 3.27.0.

Add a Shared Mailbox to Outlook Mobile

Before you can add a shared mailbox to Outlook mobile, you should meet these criteria:

  • The shared mailbox must already exist within Exchange Online. Outlook mobile can only access shared mailboxes; it can’t create a new shared mailbox.
  • Your primary mailbox must be in Exchange Online. Users in a hybrid organization whose mailbox is on-premises can’t add shared mailboxes to Outlook mobile.
  • Your account has access to the shared mailbox. In addition, if you want to send from Outlook Mobile as the shared mailbox, your account must hold SendAs permission for the mailbox.
  • You must know the primary SMTP address of the shared mailbox.

With everything in place, go to the list of resources available to Outlook mobile and click the + icon and then choose Add Shared Mailbox (Figure 1).

Add a Shared Mailbox from Outlook for iOS
Figure 1: Add a Shared Mailbox from Outlook for iOS

Now input the primary SMTP address of the shared mailbox and click the Add Shared Mailbox button.

Entering the primary SMTP address to add a shared mailbox with Outlook for iOS
Figure 2: Entering the primary SMTP address to add a shared mailbox with Outlook for iOS

That’s all you need to do. Outlook Mobile adds the shared mailbox to its resource list and you can access the contents like any other mailbox.

Outlook Insiders and Testflight

If you want to test shared mailboxes with Outlook Mobile now, you can sign up for the Outlook Insiders program (limited slots are available). You’ll also need to download and install Testflight from the iOS app store. You can then download the test version of Outlook.

One side effect of using the test version is that Office 365 automatically provisions your tenant to use the Microsoft Sync Technology (if it didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to test new features). This process takes about 24 hours. When it’s done, you’ll be able to add shared mailboxes to your heart’s content, but only with iOS clients for now. According to a tweet from Outlook Mobile development last Friday, support for Android is coming “soon.”

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12 Replies to “How to Add Shared Mailboxes to Outlook Mobile”

    1. Stay tuned for Microsoft’s formal announcement after all the bugs are sorted.

  1. my iPhone is running on the public version 3.32.0 however i don’t see the shared mailbox option as yet. Any changes to this?

    1. The feature is still in beta and not released for the public version of Outlook mobile.

      1. I saw in your post indicating version: version 3.27.0.and since public is already version 3.32.0 out but still without this function hence I asked if there’s any changes to the release.

      2. New versions are released every week. There’s a different between a Testflight version and a public release. You’ll have to wait for the feature to show up in a public release.

  2. During your testing, did you notice if adding a shared mailbox brings contacts from said shared mailbox?

  3. Good Afternoon
    we are having issue when tryng to add it, an authentication error shows? What is it?
    regb Biagio

  4. Will shared mailbox Calenders also be supported in Outlook for Mobile?
    Still no news on a Launch date?

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