New Teams Files Channel Tab Solves View Limit

Old Teams Files Channel Tab Limited to 300 Items

One of our regular readers contacted us about a problem they’d run into when migrating to Teams. They have many SharePoint Online sites and would like to make Teams the primary client interface for users to interact with SharePoint, so they’ve been doing a lot of testing to make sure that they can switch over without problems.

Apparently, they ran into an issue with folders that hold more than 300 files as they discovered that the Teams Files channel tab can display 300 files from a folder but no more. On reporting the problem to Microsoft, Premier Support said:

As discussed with our internal team we have found that there is a limit of only 300 files.​ ​The Product group team is currently working on this and due to Technical challenges the team has not given any ETA on this.

Fixed in New Files Channel Tab

It’s hard for Premier Support to stay up to speed with everything that’s happening inside Office 365, or even just Teams. But the good news is that the new Teams Files Channel tab can display more than 300 files. The new channel tab has the same capability as SharePoint (technically 30 million) and I was able to use the new tab to open large folders and see all the items. Figure 1 shows items in the folder where I store blog posts. There are more than 600 items in the folder.

Displaying a large folder with the new Teams Files tab
Figure 1: Displaying a large folder with the new Teams Files tab

The new Files Channel tab is rolling out across Office 365, so hopefully it will soon reach our reader’s tenant and fix the problem.

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