Generating and Emailing a Teams Creation Report

Office 365 Audit Records Useful Source of Information

Recently another MVP pointed out that Office 365 Activity Alerts don’t seem to work so well. At least, he tried to set one up to alert him when someone created a new team and no alert was ever sounded.

Activity alerts depend on events logged in the Office 365 audit log. I tried to create an activity alert for new team creations and Office 365 remained mute for several days. In fact, I haven’t seen an activity alert for team creation yet. Something odd is happening on the back end because the events are in the audit log.

Script for DIY Emailed Report

In any case, I decided to roll my own activity alert by running the Search-UnifiedAuditLog cmdlet to find team creation events, parsing the AuditData content, and emailing the resulting information. Because I don’t like recreating the wheel, I combined code from Chapter 21 of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook to parse the results returned from Search-UnifiedAuditLog and some code from one of my articles to format and send the message. The resulting quick and cheerful script is below.

Figure 1 shows what the resulting email looks like:

The email sent to report the creation of Teams
Figure 1: The email sent to report the creation of Teams

Feel free to amend the script to meet your own requirements. Don’t forget to tell us about all the great improvements you make by posting comments here.


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