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Useful Extension for Anyone with a WordPress site

How the Share to Microsoft Teams plugin appears in a WordPress blog

Those who follow this blog might have noticed a small Teams logo floating on the left-hand side of the page. It’s a link to the Share to Microsoft Teams WordPress plugin, a nice extension written by MVP Joao Ferreira.

The plugin is very simple (and effective). If you’re logged into Teams, clicking the link takes the current page and creates a post in Teams in a selected team and channel (Figure 1). The post then becomes the focus of a debate in the channel (nothing is shared back to the original web site). You can only share a post to a channel in your home Teams tenant; the plug-in doesn’t support sharing to a channel in a tenant where you are a guest user.

Figure 1: Sharing a post to a Microsoft Teams channel

The plugin is installed on this site to allow you to share the joys of all the Teams and other Office 365 coverage here on htpps:// with your fellow workers. For more information about the technical details behind this extension, see this post by MVP Tom Morgan.

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