Stream and Teams Meetings Get Closer

New Meetings Tab Shows Up in Stream

Two ways to find recordings of Teams meetings in Stream
Figure 1: Look… Two ways to find recordings of Teams meetings in Stream

Office 365 Notification MC189279 brings the happy news that those of us who record meetings in Teams will find it easier to locate the recordings when they arrive in Stream. A new Meetings option has been added to the My Content menu; the same filter is applied using the Meetings tab in the Stream menu bar (Figure 1). You’ll be able to find recordings that are published or draft (still need some work done before publication).

This fulfills the promise of Office 365 Roadmap item 54528 to the delight of Office 365 tenants who began to see the new feature in late August 2019. The roll-out is due to be complete worldwide by the end of September 2019.

Recording Meetings

Not everyone likes the idea of recording a meeting. To make sure that everyone knows what’s happening and has an opportunity to leave the meeting if they don’t want to be recorded, when someone turns on recording of a Teams meeting, participants see a warning banner to tell them that everything they say will be recorded.

After the meeting finishes, Teams has the recording processed by Azure Media Services and stores the output as a video file in Stream. The person who started the recording is the owner of the video. All other participants in the meeting can view the video.

In addition to capturing a video of the meeting, voice contributions are transcribed when Stream generates an automatic transcript of a meeting (one of Stream’s intelligent features). In fact, the output isn’t a transcript as would be generally known. A Stream transcript is composed of all the captions generated when Stream processes a video file. It’s not possible to print off a complete transcript or even the individual captions unless you copy and paste the captions into a file. The owners of a video can correct the captions once Stream is finished – you should do this to correct some of the howlers that can creep in through automatic transcription.

Yes, we cover Stream in the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook. In fact, we have a complete chapter to explain what’s going on inside the Office 365 enterprise video portal.

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