How to Report Exchange Online Mailbox Quota Usage Over a Set Threshold

Use PowerShell to Create the Exchange Mailbox Quota Report

Updated 24 September 2023

One of the first PowerShell scripts created after the launch of Exchange 2007 was to report the quotas assigned to mailboxes and the amount of quota consumed by each mailbox. Scripts of this type are relatively simple and rely on the Get-ExoMailbox and Get-ExoMailboxStatistics cmdlets to provide data about quotas and usage.

Over time, many variations on this report have appeared. The variant shown here is a response to a request in a Facebook group about Office 365 for a script to identify mailboxes whose quota is nearly exhausted. In this case, the Office 365 tenant has many frontline accounts whose Exchange Online mailbox quota are 2 GB instead of the much more generous 100 GB assigned to enterprise accounts. It’s obviously much easier to fill a 2 GB quota, especially if you use Teams and share images in personal chats. The idea therefore is to scan for mailboxes whose usage exceeds a threshold of quota used (expressed as a percentage). Mailbox owners who fall into this category might need to remove some items (and empty the Deleted Items folder) or receive a larger quota.

Exchange Online Mailbox Numbers and PowerShell

Two things are notable. First, if you want to do comparisons with the information returned by the cmdlets, you should convert the returned values into numbers (byte count), which is what is done here. This is because the Get-ExoMailbox and Get-ExoMailboxStatistics cmdlets return values like:

Get-ExoMailboxStatistics -Identity Kim.Akers | Format-List TotalItemSize                                    

TotalItemSize : 3.853 GB (4,136,899,622 bytes)

It’s hard to do computations on these values, so some processing is needed to ensure that calculations proceed smoothly.

Dealing with the Exchange Mailbox Quota Report Output

Second, the output is a CSV file sorted by mailbox display name. You could use the output in different ways. For instance, you could use the incoming webhook connector to post information about users whose mailboxes need some attention to Teams or Microsoft 365 Groups (here’s an example).

Here’s the script. As always, no claims are made that this is perfect PowerShell code. It’s entirely up to the reader to improve, enhance, or debug the script to match their needs. You can download the script from GitHub.

# Set threshold % of quota to use as warning level
$Threshold = 85
# Get all user mailboxes
Write-Host "Finding mailboxes..."
[array]$Mbx = Get-ExoMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited -RecipientTypeDetails UserMailbox -Properties ProhibitSendReceiveQuota | Select-Object DisplayName, ProhibitSendReceiveQuota, DistinguishedName
$Report = [System.Collections.Generic.List[Object]]::new()
ForEach ($M in $Mbx) {
    # Find current usage
    Write-Host "Processing" $M.DisplayName
    $Mailbox = $M.DisplayName
    $ErrorText = $Null
    $MbxStats = Get-ExoMailboxStatistics -Identity $M.DistinguishedName | Select ItemCount, TotalItemSize
    # Return byte count of quota used
    [INT64]$QuotaUsed = [convert]::ToInt64(((($MbxStats.TotalItemSize.ToString().split("(")[-1]).split(")")[0]).split(" ")[0]-replace '[,]',''))
    # Byte count for mailbox quota
    [INT64]$MbxQuota = [convert]::ToInt64(((($M.ProhibitSendReceiveQuota.ToString().split("(")[-1]).split(")")[0]).split(" ")[0]-replace '[,]',''))
    $MbxQuotaGB = [math]::Round(($MbxQuota/1GB),2)
    $QuotaPercentUsed = [math]::Round(($QuotaUsed/$MbxQuota)*100,2)
    $QuotaUsedGB = [math]::Round(($QuotaUsed/1GB),2)
    If ($QuotaPercentUsed -gt $Threshold) {
       Write-Host $M.DisplayName "current mailbox use is above threshold at" $QuotaPercentUsed -Foregroundcolor Red
       $ErrorText = "Mailbox quota over threshold" }
    # Generate report line for the mailbox
    $ReportLine = [PSCustomObject]@{ 
        Mailbox          = $M.DisplayName 
        MbxQuotaGB       = $MbxQuotaGB
        Items            = $MbxStats.ItemCount
        MbxSizeGB        = $QuotaUsedGB
        QuotaPercentUsed = $QuotaPercentUsed
        ErrorText        = $ErrorText} 
# Export to CSV
$Report | Sort-Object Mailbox | Export-csv -NoTypeInformation MailboxQuotaReport.csv

Figure 1 shows an example of the kind of report that the script generates.

Exchange mailbox quota report output
Figure 1: Exchange mailbox quota report output

Tailoring the Exchange Mailbox Quota Report

The script is reasonably simple PowerShell code so there shouldn’t be much difficulty in tailoring it to fit the needs of a specific organization. The nice thing about PowerShell is that it’s easy to customize and easy to stitch bits of code from different scripts together to create a new solution. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the code presented here for your purposes.

Need more information about how to manage Exchange Online mailboxes? Look no further than the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook, which is filled with practical ideas, suggestions, and lots of PowerShell examples.

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