Creating New Azure AD User Accounts and Updating Passwords with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

The automation of Azure AD account creation and password updates are straightforward using the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. A little preparation always helps, but once you have all the necessary information, it’s easy to code up the necessary script to generate a new password and add the account – or set of accounts.

Updating Microsoft 365 User Accounts to use a New Domain

A reader asked how to update user email addresses and UPNs. As it turns out, this is not a very difficult technical challenge. The problem lies in the aftermath. It’s easy to update the primary SMTP address for a mail-enabled object or assign a new user principal name to an Azure AD account. Then problems might come into view, like needing to adjust the Microsoft Authenticator app to make MFA challenges work for the new UPN.

Basic Azure AD User Account Management with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

With the demise of the Azure AD and MSOL PowerShell modules on the horizon, it’s time to figure out how to upgrade scripts to use cmdlets from the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. This article books at basic account management and shows how to update, delete, restore, and find Azure AD accounts using SDK cmdlets.