Teams Services Now Hosted in Canada

Location of Teams data services in Azure datacenters worldwide

On August 10, 2018, Microsoft announced that the Azure-based Teams data services are now hosted in Canadian datacenters in Toronto and Quebec City.  Teams services, which are what handle personal and channel messages and media (graphics), now run in the following Azure datacenters:

  • Asia-Pacific: Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • EMEA: Dublin and Amsterdam.
  • Americas: Bay (California) and Boydton (Virginia).
  • United Kingdom: Cardiff and London.
  • India: Chennai and Pune.
  • Canada: Quebec City and Toronto.

Japan and Australia are next in line and are scheduled for availability by the end of August 2018, with the goal to eventually provide Teams services in all Office 365 regions.

Up to now, Canadian customers had their Teams data hosted in U.S. datacenters. Microsoft says that they will make it possible in 2019 for tenants to move their Teams data from the U.S. to Canada in a similar way to how they handle the transition of basic workloads like Exchange and SharePoint when a new datacenter region opens.

For more information about Microsoft Teams, see Chapter 13 in Office 365 for IT Pros.

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