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Podcasts to Calm the Tortured Soul

For those interested in a little light listening over the weekend, head on over to Steve Goodman’s site and listen to the latest episode of the podcast hosted by Steve and Jason Wynn. The title (” VPN rock, proxy, scissors“) is “interesting…”  And you get the chance to listen to Steve Goodman’s best radio DJ voice, honed over many years of late-night radio…

Seriously, it’s hard to find a good Office 365 podcast, and AllAbout365 is in this category. Then there’s Office 365 Exposed, of course, but Paul and I find it difficult to be in the same place to tape episodes. We’re going to do one at the Ignite conference in Orlando next month, so feel free to come along to the podcast center at 4pm on Wednesday for the taping. Heckling is encouraged!


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