Office 365 Groups management capabilities coming to the SharePoint Online admin center

Finally, Office 365 administrators will  have the ability to manage Office 365 Groups from the SharePoint Online Admin Center. The news came in a recent message (MC147409) published in the Microsoft 365 Messages Center:

We’re updating Office 365 Group management capabilities in the SharePoint Online admin center. We’ll begin rolling this feature out soon. In the current SharePoint Online admin center experience, the following Microsoft 365 admin roles can manage Office 365 Groups: global administrator, user administrator, and Exchange administrator. In response to customer feedback, we will provide SharePoint Online administrator permissions to manage Office 365 Groups in the new SharePoint Online admin center.

This new capability to manage Office 365 Groups directly in the SharePoint Online Admin Center is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 32864.

Implications of the change
The implications of this change is that SharePoint Online Admins will also be able to perform Office 365 Groups management tasks from the Admin Center: create, delete, restore and change Owners of a group. Given the importance of Office 365 Groups to SharePoint Online, it’s a good change.

Microsoft is expecting to roll out this change in early September and it should be completed worldwide by the end of January

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