Teams Now Available in Hebrew and Arabic

Hebrew Teams 3

Right to Left Mode for Hebrew and Arabic

You might not browse the release notes for Teams as carefully as the Office 365 for IT Pros authors do and have missed the announcement in the August 31 notes that Teams now boasts support for Hebrew and Arabic, including a new right to left display mode (see above). You’ll notice that the General channel is translated while other channels are not. This underscores the need to select channel names that make sense to a multinational audience if that’s the kind of organization you operate within.

Switching to get the screen shot took a couple of restarts and reconnects, but that could just have been my setup. Finding the right setup option to reselect English took considerably more effort.

Multilingual Teams

Teams now supports 37 languages and a bunch of dialects. There probably isn’t much difference between English (Ireland) and English (New Zealand) as there might be in Dutch (Netherlands) and Flemish (Belgium). In any case, the list of supported languages is growing, which is a good thing. Allied to inline translation for personal and channel conversations, Teams is a pretty multilingual place.

See these pages for more details about Teams in Hebrew and Teams in Arabic.

Office 365 for IT Pros is written in English. The writing team is diverse as we have Spanish, U.S., English, Irish, Finnish, and Norwegian authors and a Bulgarian technical editor, but we all do it in English. So, you can read more about Teams in English in Chapter 13.

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