T-Bot Gets a Bullet


A Little Piece of Teams History Departs

A piece of Teams history was made this week when T-Bot, the help bot that was part of the original release of Teams, was replaced by a new help “experience.”

The new Teams help is rolling out now, so T-Bot will soon be just a memory. Apart from answering questions about Teams, T-Bot served as an example of how Teams could incorporate bot technology.

I never liked T-Bot myself. Its answers were too basic to be interesting to anyone who spent any time with the product and the notion of chatting with a bot about a product that evolved almost weekly seemed strange. T-bot never knew the answer to the stuff I wanted to discuss, like the most recent change made to Teams.

The New Help

The new Teams help includes a take on classic help text plus access to the release notes to describe what’s new in the product (out of date right now but likely to be updated soon). Access to some videos covering different aspects of Teams will be popular, but the content is pretty basic and doesn’t go into any topic in any depth. This is not a replacement for user training; it’s more like getting people through the first day with Teams.

The New Teams Help Experience

The new Teams Help is rolling out now. Expect to see it soon following a client software update.

We kind of suspect that most tenant administrators need help in a lot more depth than you’re going to find in Teams. That’s why Chapter 13 of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook has over 82 pages of great content about Teams. And if you want more, you can find it in Chapters 14 and 16. And best of all, we update the Teams content to keep track of what Microsoft changes in the product. That’s the nice thing about an ever-changing book…

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