Purging Bad Stuff from Teams

Learning from the Past

One of the reasons why the venerable Search-Mailbox cmdlet is so popular is that it can permanently remove items from user mailboxes. Administrators use this capability to delete offensive material, spam, malware, and other “interesting” messages that get into mailboxes.

If Teams is ever to replace email, then administrators must be able to do the same. Of course, Teams is very different because what gets posted in channels and private chats is largely generated by internal users instead of coming from external sources, so you don’t have to deal with threats like malware and spam. However, it is entirely possible that someone will post an offensive note (with or without thinking) that needs to be removed.

Hopefully the poster will realize the error of their ways and remove their message. Sometimes the team owner will need to prompt them and sometimes the team owner will have to take action to remove the content without the author’s buy in. This Petri.com article discusses the issue and reviews the tools that administrators have, including running an Office 365 content search to track down posts across multiple teams.

For more information about managing Teams, see Chapter 13 of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook. Content searches are covered in Chapter 20. Search-Mailbox is covered in Chapter 6.

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