December 2018 Update Issued for Office 365 for IT Pros (2019 Edition)

The writing team is delighted to announce that the December update for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (2019 Edition) is now available on (PDF and EPUB) and (Kindle). This is the ninth update to be released.

Please follow the advice in our FAQ to download the updated files. Thirteen of the twenty-four chapters are updated with the updates to Chapter 19 being particularly extensive. As always, the change log is updated with information about the changes to the individual chapters and is repeated below for your convenience. The Companion Volume has also been updated in several chapters.

We urge subscribers to download and use the latest files. There’s no real point in subscribing to an eBook with monthly updates if you don’t use the facility to get the updates and learn from the new experience and insight that powers the changes we make to the book content. Remember, the way that the book is updated in-place and reproduced with all of the changes integrated with the rest of the content is unique and we’d like you to gain the benefit from your investment in your subscription.

Changes in the December 2019 Update

Date Chapter Change
14 Dec 2 Note that the free version of Azure AD used by most Office 365 tenants has no SLA commitment from Microsoft.
14 Dec 3 Rewrote section about managing Office 365 MFA with PowerShell.
14 Dec 4 Notes on running PowerShell core on Linux and some RBAC bugs.
14 Dec 6 Emphasize that Search-Mailbox returns a maximum of 10,000 items at a time.
14 Dec 7 Emphasize that if a user has Send As and Send on Behalf Of permission for a mailbox, Exchange uses Send As. Add information about including guest accounts and Team channel email addresses in distribution lists.
14 Dec 8 General refresh, including new sharing control for file downloads.
14 Dec 10 New synchronization protocol for Outlook for iOS and Android. New ribbon for Outlook desktop. New UI for Outlook mobile.
14 Dec 11 Microsoft has started the roll-out of code to store files created in new-style Yammer groups in SharePoint.
14 Dec 13 You now add tabs to a personal or group chat. Etiquette section updated. Rewrote the Personal Chats section to clarify and expand the discussion.
14 Dec 14 Updates to cmdlets in the Teams PowerShell module (0.9.6).
14 Dec 16 Added some clarifications in different sections.
14 Dec 19 Major rewrite of many sections to do with retention policies and labels throughout the chapter. SharePoint UI updated to use “retention label” instead of just label. We changed Figure 19-9. Added Figure 19-11 and some accompanying text to clarify retention settings available through retention policies and labels. [MAJOR UPDATE]
14 Dec 24 Some rationalization coming for the Encrypt Only button in Outlook clients. Some clarifications to the text about sensitivity labels. Added note about using autosignature products when email is protected by rights management encryption. New Figure 24-1 added to position Office 365 and rights management. Added note about configuring AIP and Outlook to use S/MIME to protect messages. Adobe Acrobat integration with AIP is now generally available.

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