Office 365 for IT Pros February 2019 Update Released

Office 365 for IT Pros Update #11

The Office 365 for IT Pros writing team is proud to announce that the eleventh update for the only book that continually evolves to track developments in Microsoft’s cloud office system is now available to subscribers. The updated files are dated February 18, 2019 (see the inside front cover for version data).

This update spans 16 of the 24 chapters, so it’s a reasonably big release. The number of changes, some large, some small, underlines that ePublishing is the only practical way to cope with technical information about Office 365.

February 2019 Updates for Office 365 for IT Pros

The full set of changes is described in our change log. In addition to updated text about new features and information, we have completed reviews of several chapters and fixed small but irritating problems like outdated hyperlinks. The web never remains static, so hunting down and fixing hyperlinks is a never-ending tasks

How Subscribers Get Updated Files

Subscribers to the PDF/EPUB version should log into their Gumroad library to download the updated files. The updated files are complete new books with the new content integrated into existing text. You don’t have to cut and paste change information into an existing book.

We will prompt Amazon to send notifications to purchasers of the Kindle version that updates are available. See our FAQ for more information about how to download updates.

The Office 365 for IT Pros team would love to hear from you. We welcome tips about new features, ideas for what what you’d like to see covered in the book, and information about any issues you find. Please use the content form on this site to connect. And now we start working on the March 2019 updates. Nothing ever stays static for long.

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