Publishing News in Office 365 with the SharePoint Online News Digest

One of the cool features we have in SharePoint Online (SPO) when working with news in modern SPO sites is the ability to create and distribute a news digest after publishing five or more news items in a site (or in the sites associated with a hub site). To access the News digest feature, click the See all link in the News web part placed in a modern page in a SPO site:

The SharePoint Online News Digest feature
Accessing the SharePoint Online News Digest web part

Once we click that link, a SPO application page with the list of all the news published is shown. In this page we will see in the actions bar a “Email a news digest” action:

Selecting news items to publish
Selecting news items to publish

When we click that action, we will be able to select the news we want to include in the digest. To go ahead with the digest definition, click Next:

Next we can do is just to configure the Digest in regards of the people we want to send it and also a short explanation about the digest. To send the digest, click on “Send news digest”:

All the recipients of the news digest will receive an e-mail with the following look & feel:

Additionally, the news digest we have just created is stored as SPO page in the Site Pages library so we can view it anytime we want:


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