November 2019 Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros (2020 Edition)

Sixteen Content Chapters Updated for November

The Office 365 for IT Pros writing team is thrilled to announce that the November 2019 updates for the 2020 edition are now online. As the only book covering Office 365 that updates its content monthly, we’re always happy to see another month go by with the successful closing of an update. It’s become quite a habit for us.

Depending on the format they bought, subscribers can fetch the updated book files from (PDF/EPUB) or Amazon (Kindle). See the Office 365 for IT Pros FAQ for more information about how to access the updated files.

In addition to updating sixteen of the twenty-four content chapters in the main book, we also updated the companion volume to fix a few bugs and move some content over from the main book. The current version of the main book now has a release date of 1 November 2019 while the release date for the companion volume remains 1 October 2019.

Preparing for Microsoft Ignite

With the Microsoft Ignite conference happening next week in Orlando, we have done a lot of work to prepare for the announcements of new functionality that Microsoft has flagged. We’ll cover these in the December update. For this update, we have news about sharing reports for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, upgrades for Outlook mobile including support for Office 365 sensitivity labels, the impact of Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy on Teams, multi-channel posts for Teams, information about assigning phone numbers to Teams users, and many more changes (Figure 1). Our full change log is available online.

Chapter changes in the November 2019 update for Office 365 for IT Pros
Figure 1: Chapter changes in the November 2019 update for Office 365 for IT Pros

We expect a huge number of changes to be announced at the Microsoft Ignite conference. However, not all those changes will result in code that appears in Office 365 tenants soon, so we’ll concentrate on new features accessible to tenants in the near term for the December update. If you want to chat to us at the conference, you can find details of where we’ll be here.

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