March Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros (2020 Edition)

Another Big Update for the Most Up-to-date Book Covering Office 365

The Office 365 for IT Pros writing team is happy to announce that the March 2020 update for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (2020 edition) is now available. This is the eighth update issued for the book. Subscribers for the PDF/EPUB version can download updated files from while those who have bought the Kindle version from Amazon can ask Amazon to make the updated files available (we continue to have difficulties persuading Amazon to advise purchasers when updates are issued). See our FAQ for more information about accessing updates.

This update includes changes to 18 of the 24 chapters. The changes are described in our change log We strongly encourage subscribers to download and use the latest files to ensure that you are fully informed about what’s happening inside Office 365.

Chapter changes included in the March 2020 update for Office 365 for IT Pros
Chapter changes included in the March 2020 update for Office 365 for IT Pros

You can identify the update number by looking at the inside front cover of the book where you’ll see This is update 8 for the 2020 Edition published on 2 March 2020. The PDF version also includes the update number at the bottom of each page.

A Change in Sponsor

This release marks a new sponsor for the book: Quadrotech has passed the torch to Quest Software. While we are delighted to work with a new sponsor, it’s also important to acknowledge the support we’ve received from Quadrotech since 2016 which has helped the writing team dedicate the time necessary to investigate multiple aspects of Office 365 and document our findings. We look forward to working with Quest in the same positive and productive manner.

6 Replies to “March Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros (2020 Edition)”

  1. Hi,

    I bought the januari version and now I would like to update to the march version.

    Its extremely hard to figure out if I can update monthly for free. can you clarify this?

    1. Hi,

      We cover this topic in the FAQ:

      Q: Are updates to Office 365 for IT Pros free?

      A: ​Updates and corrections to the current edition are made available to subscribers of that edition free of charge. For example, the subscribers to the 2020 edition (published in July 2019) receive updates for as long as that edition was current. Our current plan of record is to release the 2021 edition in July 2020.

      So, yes, you have free upgrades until we release the 2021 edition.

  2. I’m unable to download this edition, as well as the 7th edition. I also wrote to you when that was released. We’re stuck at the 6th edition when we log in to Gumroad. It’s pretty frustrating!

    1. Issue handled in email. Basically (for others), if you have problems downloading the book and your have a valid Gumroad account, you should contact to resolve the issue. Gumroad are the only people who can solve account problems.

  3. If I originally purchased this book on Kindle, but can’t get an update even after contacting Amazon support, can I get a copy from Gumroad?

    1. Sorry, but no. This is the kind of problem that causes us to recommend that people buy the EPUB/PDF version. We have zero control over what Amazon does and no relationship with any customer (we don’t know if you bought a book). Amazon takes 70% of the book cost to have it on their platform and keeps all the data to themselves.

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