Office 365 for IT Pros June 2020 Update

Eleventh Update for 2020 Edition Available for Download Now

The Office 365 for IT Pros team proudly announces the delivery of the eleventh update for Office 365 for IT Pros (2020) Edition, the world’s best and only constantly updated book about Office 365. This is the last update for the 2020 edition as we are now working on the 2021 edition with the aim to release it on July 1, 2020. Current subscribers will receive a code after we release the 2021 edition to allow them to upgrade at low cost.

Fifteen of the 24 content chapters are refreshed in this update, including tidying up some loose ends (aka “typos”) created during the massive refresh in May 2020. Full details are available on our change log.

EPUB/PDF Download Available from Gumroad

Subscribers who bought through can download the updated files (in effect, a completely new book) from their Gumroad account. See our FAQ for more information on this process. We recommend that subscribers download and use the updated files as soon as you can. There’s no point in paying for a subscription service to receive updates if you don’t use them.

Woes with Amazon

Uploaded files are also available for Kindle readers on Amazon. However, as we have noted many times in the past, Amazon is not the most helpful partner in the world when it comes to allowing people access to updated files. Indeed, this month Amazon decided to block the companion volume for Office 365 for IT Pros on the basis that “your books do not meet our content quality guidelines because they do not contain significantly differentiated content.”

I’m sure Amazon uses some AI techniques to detect problems in books, but the AI failed abysmally in this instance to differentiate between a book containing 600K words (the main book) and one with 163K words (the companion volume). This, and the horrible support experience dealing with Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) team, along with issues making updated content available to readers make us recommend that you don’t buy from Amazon. Instead, if you want to read the book on Kindle, follow the advice in the FAQ to convert the EPUB version and load the converted file to your Kindle device.

Please contact Amazon support if you want the updated files. And while you’re at it, please let Amazon know that you disapprove of their decision to block the companion volume. Thanks for your support!

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