Office 365 for IT Pros Issues November 2020 Update

Fourth Update for the 2021 Edition

The fourth update for Office 365 for IT Pros (2021 edition) is now available. Subscribers who bought the EPUB/PDF version through can download the updated files from their account or by using the link in their receipt. Those who bought the Kindle version from Amazon can ask Amazon to make the updated files available to them. See our FAQ for more information.

The November update includes changes to 22 of the 24 chapters. We also updated the companion volume. You can find full information about the chapter changes in our change log. Among notable changes are:

  • New numbers for Office 365 usages (and Azure AD) plus updated SLA results (1).
  • SharePoint spaces is now GA and Syntex is available (8).
  • The Teams desktop client supports offline working. A new ARM64 client is available. Teams meeting recordings can be stored in OneDrive for Business (11).
  • Teams admin center supports more granular permissions control over third-party and LOB apps. The location for Teams compliance records in user and group mailboxes has changed (12/13).
  • Tasks in Teams is now GA (15).
  • New UI for creating retention labels (19).
  • Three new crucial audit events (21).
  • Microsoft believes Office 365 DLP policies are now equivalent to Exchange DLP policies. New sensitive data types (22)/
  • Double-key encryption is available for sensitivity labels. Scoping for sensitivity labels (for either information protection or container management or both) is available, so lots of screen shots updated (24).

In addition, there’s a bunch of small detail changes which are important but never get headlines. It’s just part of keeping the book updated and accurate to as high a level as we can.

We encourage our subscribers to download the latest files. There’s no point in paying for updates if you don’t use them! And if you haven’t yet subscribed to Office 365 for IT Pros, what information are you missing every month?

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