February 2021 Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros (2021 Edition)

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The Office 365 for IT Pros team is pleased to announce the availability of the 7th update for the 2021 edition.

The February update includes changes to 22 of the 24 content chapters ranging from the end of life for IE11 support in Intune to the ability to create Flow from Visio diagrams and using distribution lists for Teams DLP policies. We also introduce several new example scripts. Several typos and errors are corrected and additional information about features (like using complex filters for dynamic distribution lists) are included. A ton of minor updates were made to improve the insight and accuracy of chapters. See the change log for full information about what’s been updated each month since the publication of the 2021 edition.

1Added section about Office 365’s links with Azure. Added data from Microsoft FY21 Q2 results.
2Minor cleanup and typo fixes.
3Azure AD now has 425 million monthly active users.
4Added sections about Microsoft 365 priority accounts and using the Service Communications API to retrieve incident data. Rewrote an example of how to report assignment of a specific license to users. Introduced informed network routing. Minor cleanup and typo fixes.
5Scripts using Send-MailMessage to send email via Exchange Online need to use TLS 1.2. Revised section about folder level permissions to include new ability to rebuild delegate access for a folder.
6Added another example of a complex custom filter for a dynamic distribution list and updated the text for the topic.
7Minor changes made as we continue to restructure this content to improve clarity and flow.
8Upload limit for OneDrive sync client is now 250 GB. Added section about Microsoft Search reports. “At a glance” info now included in sharing links for Word documents.
10Azure AD access review for guests in all teams and groups is available in preview.
11Teams doesn’t display files attached to Outlook meeting requests. The channel calendar app is now available. Teams meeting add-in for Outlook for Windows now has a Meet Now button. The Meeting recap UI change is available for private meetings in the calendar app. Add some new data about the size of the Teams user base.
12Added section about Teams app templates.
13A new format for URLs used for the incoming webhook connector is being rolled out. Existing URLs need to be updated by April 11, 2021.
14Added text about network validation. Included link to MTR security article. Restructured network planning section.
16Confirmed dates for movement of recordings for new Teams meetings to OneDrive and SharePoint.
15Planner can copy tasks to plans in other groups. Background images are now available for plans. Microsoft has reorganized the plan settings screen to make it more logical.
17End of life for IE 11 support in Intune announced.
18Updated guidance around macOS Office app version support.
19Trainable classifiers are now GA. The Activity Explorer now incorporates sensitivity labels applied by all Office (online, desktop, and mobile) apps. Clarify when preservation hold library is created.
21Moved some examples of accessing audit records from inline text to scripts downloadable from our GitHub repository. Validated and corrected some minor issues found in the scripts due to changes in audit record format. Added a better example of paging records from the unified audit log.
22You can now use distribution lists or security groups in DLP policies for Teams to define the set of accounts to be monitored. Rewrote section about creating a custom sensitive information type due to new UI and setup.
23Added section covering the creation of flows using Visio diagrams.
24Microsoft methods to support decryption of protected content for a cloud exit only support Microsoft encryption technology (obvious but needed to be said). Audit records now generated for application of sensitivity labels by Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise.
Changes in the February 2021 update of Office 365 for IT Pros

Please Download Updates

Subscribers to the EPUB/PDF version can download the updated files from their Gumroad.com account or by using the link in the original receipt for the book purchase. The FAQ includes information about downloading updated files. Subscribers of the Amazon Kindle version can ask Amazon to make the new files available.

Given the number of updated chapters this time round, we did not have the time to update anything in the companion volume. We have a couple of changes lined up that will appear in the March update.

Please download the updated files at your convenience. We appreciate your support for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook project.

5 Replies to “February 2021 Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros (2021 Edition)”

  1. I would very much like an update to my kindle version but, unlike some other kindle books, an update link has never appeared. A quick read of Amazon help says they will only push updates for “quality” purposes so I am accepting this is what happens when you don’t buy the gumroad version

    1. We tell Amazon when we publish a new update. They don’t like pushing updates to people because it interferes with bookmarks (at least, that’s the excuse we get). If you ask Amazon, they will make the updated files available to you. The Kindle model is set up for novels and similar books where updates happen very seldom. They are not set up for the model we use where monthly updates are the norm.

      1. Thanks Tony – I went onto chat with Amazon and I now have Update 11-7 published June 2020! This is as far as I could get but will try again some time

      2. Well, that looks as if your Kindle book is the 2020 edition. The last update to it was published in June 2020. We are now on update 7 for the 2021 edition. That book has a different Amazon identifier, so you won’t get updates for it.

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