September 2021 Update Available for Office 365 for IT Pros

Only Constantly Updated eBook Keeps Improving

The Office 365 for IT Pros eBook team is delighted to announce the availability of the September 2021 update. Subscribers for the EPUB/PDF version can download the updated files from We have updated the Kindle file on Amazon, but if you bought the book there, you’ll have to ask Amazon support to make the file available. See our FAQ for more details about how to access updates.

August Changes

Like any month, August 2021 featured some interesting things to cover (and some that aren’t quite as interesting). Here’s a selection:

  • Microsoft plans to raise its prices for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 in March 2022.
  • A new legacy SMTP endpoint is being introduced for those who can’t upgrade to TLS 1.2.
  • Exchange Online will enable plus addressing for all tenants in January.
  • IE11 is no longer supported by Office 365.
  • A new method is available to incorporate third-party attack simulator tools with Microsoft 365 Defender for Office 365.
  • Live (fluid) components are coming to Office 365 apps, so we cover how to enable them.
  • The Teams advanced communications add-on will become active in January 2022, so we cover what’s licensed by the add-on.
  • Teams live captions and transcripts now support more languages than just U.S. English (but no sign of Irish English being supported…).
  • Stream will start to remove the automatic transcripts for some older videos in September.
  • Information barriers support is now available for SharePoint Online.
  • Microsoft has released several limitations which existed for auto-label policies for sensitivity labels.

In addition, we updated a bunch of PowerShell code (snippets or complete scripts) to illustrate points and updated the last available SLA data for Office 365 (Q2 CY21). We also detected and suppressed some annoying typos that had crept into text and some misformatting of figure references in Chapter 22. The complete change log is available online.

Thanks to our subscribers for their ongoing support for the Office 365 for IT Pros project. We couldn’t continue to track and document changes across all apps without this support.

Please download the new files at your earliest convenience. We wouldn’t like you to manage tenants based on obsolete information!

Now we start to process the September changes. The cloud never stays static!

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