November 2021 Update for Office 365 for IT Pros is Available

Latest Update for the Only eBook About the Microsoft 365 Office System Updated Monthly

The Office 365 for IT Pros eBook team is delighted to announce that the November 2021 update is now online and available for download. Subscribers to the EPUB/PDF version can download the updated files from using their account or the link in their receipt. See our FAQ for more information about obtaining updated files. We did not update the companion volume this month.

Many Changes Since October

Even though we’re heading into the blizzard of announcements expected at this week’s Fall Microsoft Ignite event, there was still many developments to cover and update across the book chapters, including:

  • New details of usage figures for Office 365 and other workloads like Azure AD and EM+S from the Microsoft FY22 Q1 results.
  • More details about the Azure AD switchover to Monthly Active User billing for external identities.
  • Preview of user feedback portal is available.
  • Updated section about Exchange Online mailbox plans.
  • Information about deprecation of Exchange Web Services APIs.
  • More details about the removal of basic authentication for email protocols in October 2022.
  • Updates for Microsoft Defender for Office 365 quarantine processing.
  • SharePoint Online migration tool allows choice of target architecture before migration commences.
  • Team channel management section rewritten.
  • Lots of new content about using the Microsoft Graph SDK for PowerShell.
  • New Planner ability to move tasks across groups.
  • Auto-expiry policy for Teams meeting recordings is delayed until January 2022.
  • Changes in how the SharePoint Online preservation hold library works.
  • Content search using folder ids will be deprecated in November 2021.
  • Updates for communications compliance policies.
  • Exchange DLP policies will be removed from the EAC in mid-2022.
  • Updates for Power App and Power Automate processing.
  • Changes to logging audit records for Microsoft Information Protection activities.

In addition, many other small changes were made that don’t warrant a call-out. More comprehensive details of the changes are available in our change log.

By themselves, none of the changes are earth-shattering. However, over months, the volume of changes accumulated across all chapters plus the information about new and updated features added means that we end up with a very different book in June than we started with in July. The devil is truly in the detail, and it’s only by plugging away to keep on top of things and updating month after month that we have any change of keeping on top of things. This is why we urge subscribers to download the updates as new files become available.

Over the next few months, we’ll process the announcements Microsoft makes at Ignite to parse out how new features work, how they will impact tenant administration, and when the technology will be available. Expect the first set of changes reflecting this work to appear in the December update.

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