Exchange Online Modifies Retention Processing for Deleted Items Folder

Microsoft is making a bunch of subtle tweaks to how Exchange Online MRM processes Purview labels for items moved to the Deleted Items folder. The changes make sure that settings in Purview retention labels are respected better by Exchange Online MRM. Like many of the changes made in the area of data lifecycle management, it’s doubtful if end users will notice, but smart administrators might!

Azure AD Administrative Units and Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management

Microsoft Purview data lifecycle management (retention labels and policies) support Azure AD administrative units to scope the set of objects that compliance administrators can manage. Administrative units can be used with data lifecycle management, data loss prevention (DLP), and information protection (sensitivity labels). You’ll need Microsoft 365 E5 licenses (or equivalents) to manage the policies, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the kind of enterprise tenants Microsoft is targeting this functionality at.

Microsoft Revamps Its Guidance for Data Lifecycle and Records Management Licensing

In a welcome move, Microsoft has revamped its guidance for Microsoft 365 compliance licensing, specifically for Data Lifecycle and Records Management. The new text is much clearer about when different licenses are needed to use a feature, which is goodness even if you disagree that a feature should need a high-end license. Now if only Microsoft could do the same for the rest of its documentation…