Adding a Teams Chat Link to Your Email Signature

Teams and Deep Links

Unless you’re a programmer, you might not be aware of deep links and how Teams uses these special form of URLs to navigate to find information. Deep links are used extensively within the client. For example, if you use the Get link to team option, you’ll get a URL like:

The link means nothing to humans, but Teams finds it terrifically interesting as it can use the information to navigate to the team.

Deep Link for a Chat

In any case, a deep link can also be used to automate operations, like starting a personal chat with one or more Teams users within your tenant. In this case, the deep link is much simpler. The link below starts a chat with Brian Weakliam, or, if the user has already chatted with Brian, continues that chat:

Creating an Email Signature with a Chat Link

This leads us to the idea of putting a chat link in your email signature. Both OWA and Outlook support the creation of HTML format signatures so there’s no problem to insert the link (Figure 1). If you have problems, compose the signature in Word or another editor and paste the results into Outlook or OWA (and yes, it would be nice if the two clients used the same signatures).

Including a Teams chat link in an Outlook email signature
Figure 1: Including a Teams chat link in an Outlook email signature

The new signature complete with chat link is inserted in outbound messages. Recipients can click the link (Figure 2) to start a chat using either the Teams browser or desktop (if available) client. The link only works when the sender and recipient are in the same Office 365 tenant.

The chat link in an OWA message
Figure 2: The chat link in an OWA message

This is the kind of small detail that amuses us when we find it. Learn more amusing and interesting details about Teams in Chapter 13 of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook!

8 Replies to “Adding a Teams Chat Link to Your Email Signature”

  1. It would be useful if Teams had an option to provide a deep link to an existing chat.

  2. In my experience it goes to the latest chat you had with that person, even if it was a chat with multiple users. Is it possible to make it go to the one on one chat?

    1. I don’t believe so. Each chat you have is a thread, so the link points to the thread and brings you to the last interaction.

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