Synchronizing Sensitivity Labels to Update SharePoint Online Sites

Investigating Unlabeled SharePoint Sites

Microsoft is fond of equipping its administrative consoles with cards containing insights which administrators might action. Yesterday, I noticed that the SharePoint Online admin center highlighted that my tenant had many sites had no sensitivity label (Figure 1).

Unlabeled sites reported by the SharePoint Online admin center
Figure 1: Unlabeled sites reported by the SharePoint Online admin center

As you might recall, Microsoft 365 uses sensitivity labels to apply settings to “containers” (teams, groups, and sites). Controlling the external sharing capability of SharePoint Online sites is a good example of the power of this approach. By default, I assign sensitivity labels to when creating new Microsoft 365 groups and teams, so it surprised me to discover the unlabeled state of so many sites.

Explaining Unlabeled Sites

Using the Manage unlabeled sites link, I examined the sites. Because I use sensitivity labels for the sites used for groups and teams, I expected to find that some sites in the tenant had no labels. These include:

  • Hub sites.
  • Communication sites.
  • System sites (such as the one used to manage Viva Topics).

Knowing that teams created using templates didn’t ask team owners to assign a sensitivity label until Microsoft fixed the problem in October 2021 (MC281936, Microsoft 365 roadmap item 84232), I could account for some other unlabeled sites. However, stripping all the explainable sites from the 126 noted by SharePoint still left a bunch that I couldn’t explain except by concluding that at some points in the past, the synchronization of sensitivity labels didn’t work as well as it should between SharePoint Online and the other workloads. This is an important thing to fix because if SharePoint Online doesn’t know about a sensitivity label assigned to a site, it can’t apply the management controls defined in that label.

For the record, the synchronization of sensitivity labels for new groups works well. This might be the vestige of a long-solved problem.

Fixing Up Site Sensitivity Labels

To address the problem, I decided to write some PowerShell. The first stage was to find all the sites created for teams and Microsoft 365 Groups that didn’t have a label. To do this, the code:

  • Runs the Get-SPOSite cmdlet to find all sites created using the team site template.
  • Run Get-SPOSite against each site to find sites without a sensitivity label. You need to access each site to find if it has a label because Get-SPOSite doesn’t return this property when run against multiple sites.
  • Store the unlabeled sites in a list.

Here’s the code I used:

[array]$Sites = Get-SPOSite -Limit All -Template Group#0
If (!($Sites)) { Write-Error "No sites for Microsoft 365 Groups found... exiting!" ; break}
   Else { Write-Host ("Processing {0} sites" -f $Sites.Count) }

$SitesNoLabels = [System.Collections.Generic.List[Object]]::new()
ForEach ($Site in $Sites) { #Check each site to see if it has a sensitivity label
        $SiteData = Get-SPOSite -Identity $Site.Url
        If ([string]::IsNullOrWhiteSpace(($SiteData.SensitivityLabel)) -eq $True) {
           Write-Host ("Site {0} has no label" -f $SiteData.Url) 
           $SiteInfo = [PSCustomObject][Ordered]@{  
              URL    = $SiteData.Url
              Title   = $SiteData.Title   }
           $SitesNoLabels.Add($SiteInfo) }
} #End ForEach Sites

The properties of a Microsoft 365 group store the GUID of the sensitivity label, if one is assigned to the group/team. The next step is to retrieve the sensitivity label information for all groups. It’s possible to match a group with a site because the group properties include the site URL. I therefore:

  • Used the Get-UnifiedGroup cmdlet to find all Microsoft 365 Groups. This won’t be a fast operation in large tenants, but it’s acceptable because this is a one-time operation. In the largest tenants, consider replacing the Get-UnifiedGroup cmdlet with the Groups Graph API (see the call to fetch all Microsoft 365 groups in a tenant described in this article).
  • Removed any group that didn’t have a SharePoint site URL in its properties (sometimes an error in the provisioning process leaves this property blank. Microsoft 365 will eventually synchronize the site URL from SharePoint Online to Exchange Online).
  • Store the site URL and sensitivity label GUID in a hash table. A list would also do, but it’s much faster to lookup against a hash table.

Here’s the code for this segment:

Write-Host "Retrieving sensitivity label information for Microsoft 365 Groups"
[array]$Groups = Get-UnifiedGroup -ResultSize Unlimited 
$Groups = $Groups | ? {$_.SharePointSiteUrl -ne $Null}
$GroupsTable = @{}
$Groups.ForEach( {
       $GroupsTable.Add([String]$_.SharePointSiteUrl, $_.SensitivityLabel) } )

We now have a list of sites without labels and a table with the labels assigned to the underlying groups. The next step is to check each site against the groups table to see if we can find what label the site should have. If we find a match, we can update the site. The next code segment does the following:

  • Loop to check each unlabeled site.
  • Use the site URL as a lookup against the groups table.
  • If the site URL matches, use the label GUID to update the site with the Set-SPOSite cmdlet.

This code applies sensitivity labels to sites using the information from Microsoft 365 Groups:

[int]$Updates = 0; [int]$NoUpdates = 0
ForEach ($Site in $SitesNoLabels) {
    $Label = $Null
    $Label = $GroupsTable.Item($Site.Url)
    If ($Label) { # Update the site with the label we find
       Write-Host ("Updating site {0} with label {1}" -f $Site.Url, $Label.Guid) 
       Set-SPOSite -Identity $Site.Url -SensitivityLabel $Label.Guid 
       $Updates++ }
    Else {
       Write-Host ("Can't find sensitivity label for site {0} - group might be deleted" -f $Site.Url)
       $NoUpdates++ }
} #End ForEach Sites

The complete script is available from GitHub.

A Better Card

Of the 126 unlabeled sites reported by SharePoint Online, 116 were team sites. The technique described above managed to apply sensitivity labels to 103 sites. The remaining 13 are deleted sites kept by SharePoint Online because of a retention policy (the associated Microsoft 365 group is gone). The card displayed in the SharePoint Online admin center looks better (Figure 2) and all the sites belonging to Microsoft 365 groups and teams have their correct labels. All is well.

The unlabeled sites card tells a much happier story
Figure 2: The unlabeled sites card tells a much happier story

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