Teams and Microsoft Exchange PowerShell Modules Clash Over Required DLL

After updating a bunch of PowerShell modules, I was dismayed to find a PowerShell module clash caused by a dependency on the Microsoft.Identity.Client DLL. The Exchange Online management module wanted a higher version of the DLL than the one loaded by the Teams module, so the Connect-ExchangeOnline cmdlet barfed. It’s easy to understand the logic behind the problem, but it’s hard to understand why Microsoft let it happen.

Microsoft Updates Teams PowerShell Module to 2.0

Microsoft has released V2.0 of the Teams PowerShell module. It brings some welcome improvements, notably the inclusion of all the management cmdlets, but has a downside too. The new cmdlets for managing teams templates are not easy to use and some authentication issues affect the Connect-MicrosoftTeams cmdlet after a change in authentication libraries. Microsoft has some work to do to improve this version of the module.