Managing Guest Users in a Microsoft 365 Tenant

Proliferating Guests

Today’s article covers the topic of how to manage guest users in Microsoft 365 tenants. Guest accounts are created by several Office 365 applications, notably Teams, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 Groups. If you leave the guest accounts alone, they accumulate in your Azure Active Directory. Some are used all the time but some gather dust after a one-time use.

The article outlines some basic techniques (including some PowerShell snippets) to review and manage guest user accounts. Given that Office 365 Groups are the cornerstone for membership management for these applications, a lot of the work that’s done is with the Groups cmdlets to find, report, and remove unwanted guests. In my small tenant, I have 82 guest accounts – and I know that only 45 or so are used on a weekly basis. I guess I have some clean-up to do.

The Office 365 for IT Pros eBook contains tons of examples for how to manage different aspects of guest user accounts from the invitation process to removing them from your tenant. Look in Chapters 12 and 13!

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